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Everything you need to know about insurance for smartwatches

There is no denying that smartwatches can be expensive, which is why smartwatch insurance is something that is well worth considering. Not only does it ensure that your smartwatch is protected should it come to any harm, but it provides peace of mind. There is still a lot to know about insurance for smartwatches, but our guide has all of the information you need.

What is smartwatch insurance?

Smartwatch insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your smartwatch should it be lost, stolen or damaged if the damage done was not intentional. Repairing and replacing a smartwatch can be costly, but insurance is there to help cover the cost.

Do I need smartwatch insurance?

At Quotezone.co.uk, we recommend you get smartwatch insurance. If you are worried about something happening to your smartwatch or someone stealing it. It’s especially helpful if you are unable to cover the cost of replacing the watch yourself. 

What does smartwatch insurance cover?

Insurance for smartwatches covers you for loss and theft, and some also cover you for accidental damage. With daily use and a lot of time spent on your wrist, smartwatches can become damaged relatively easily and therefore accidental damage is beneficial. This covers you for things such as dropping the watch, cracking the screen and scratches. 

What affects the cost of insurance for smartwatches?

The type of smartwatch and the cost of the smartwatch are likely to affect the cost of insurance, as well as the type of insurance you are looking for. Loss and theft are generally covered as standard, but accident damage cover usually comes at an additional cost. The cost of insurance is usually lower if you are willing to pay a higher voluntary excess in the event of a claim.

Will I get a new smartwatch if mine is completely broken?

Generally Insurance providers will provide a like-for-like replacement if your smartwatch is broken and unable to be repaired. This is also the case for stolen or lost smartwatches. At Quotezone.co.uk, we recommend looking into the terms and conditions of your policy to find out under what circumstances you will get a new smartwatch. 

Can I get insurance for a second hand smartwatch?

No, you can not get insurance for a second hand smartwatch. You will only be able to get smartwatch insurance for a smartwatch bought as new from a manufacturer or retailer, or for a smartwatch purchased from an outlet. Refurbished smartwatches are also not eligible for insurance.

Do I need to insure my smartwatch if it’s under warranty?

As warranties generally only last between 12 and 24 months, smartwatch insurance is a good idea if you plan to keep the device after the warranty period ends. Plus, warranties only cover accidental damage. They do not cover loss and theft whereas smartwatch insurance does.