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Sony Gadget Insurance

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Sony Gadget Insurance

Compare Sony Gadget Insurance Quotes

Whether you’re looking for coverage for a PS5, Sony mobile or TV, or even just a pair of Sony headphones, Quotezone can help you find cheaper gadget quotes fast. Getting Insurance for your Sony gadgets can give you peace of mind, protection against expensive repairs or total gadget replacement.


How do I claim my Sony warranty UK?

If your product requires warranty service and is covered, please contact your authorised dealer or a service centre in the European Economic Area (EEA) or other designated countries listed in the warranty documents or accompanying leaflets.

Will Sony replace my TV?

Depending on the product, some Sony TVs will be covered by a 3-year guarantee. A Sony BRAVIA® LCD TV comes with a 3-year guarantee. You will be given a printout with your purchase to present to your local Sony retailer if you experience issues with your TV during this period. If your Sony TV is not covered by a warranty then an Insurance policy will be your best bet.

What is covered under Sony insurance?

Sony Insurance will cover you against the following issues:

  • Manufacturing defects if not covered by warranty
  • Theft and loss of your Sony device
  • Accidental damages

Insurance policies will not cover wear and tear of your device or deliberate negligence or misuse of devices. Modifying or altering your Sony device can void any warranty and insurance policy you have for your device.

How much is Sony Gadget insurance?

Sony gadget insurance will vary depending on a number of factors. The number of devices you insure along with the value of your Sony gadgets and also other risk factors such as crime in your local area, all come into play when calculating the cost to insure your Sony device. The best option for finding cheaper Sony Gadget insurance is to simply compare multiple insurers before making a decision.

Do I need Sony Gadget Insurance?

Whether or not you will benefit from having Sony gadget insurance will largely depend on your own preferences along with your tolerance towards risk. The value of your Sony device will largely determine whether the cost of insuring your Sony device is worth it. A high-end Sony TV can cost in excess of £5,000 making it a considerable investment. An insurance policy for when your warranty expires. If you’re a photographer using a Sony camera then having camera insurance or Lens cover is highly recommended to protect your equipment. You may also wish to insure your devices under a home and contents insurance policy.

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