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Smart TV insurance

Smart TVs aren’t cheap but they’re often an integral part of your home life. When insured properly, you can have peace of mind that you’ll always have a working television to keep the whole family entertained.

Smart TV insurance may well be included as partof your contents insurance policy, although if you own a high-end smart TV the ‘single item limit’ on your contents cover might mean you might not be covered for the full value.


What counts as a ‘Smart TV’ for insurance purposes?

A Smart TV is a television that connects to the internet or has web 2.0 capabilities to provide extra services. Most Smart TV insurance providers will list out the specific models of televisions that they offer cover for.


Is Smart TV insurance more expensive than regular TV insurance?

Smart TVs are worth more money than standard television models and so the premiums are sometimes higher than you may pay for other TV insurance products – but for the most part, the costs are absorbed as part of a wider insurance package.


Should I take out Smart TV Insurance as a specialist product, or as part of a contents or gadget insurance plan?

There are lots of Smart TV Insurance products available, and each should be compared to find the right one for you and your home. In the event of loss, theft or accidental damage Smart TV insurance ensures that in the event that happens, yours can be repaired or replaced.


Does Smart TV insurance cover a cracked screen?

Accidental Damage clauses on Smart TV Insurance policies usually cover cracked screens – but some policies don’t include accidental damage cover as standard, so it’s important to check this before you take out a policy.


Does Smart TV insurance cover damage caused by children?

If your smart TV insurance includes accidental damage cover then you should be insured against damaged caused by children, but many gadget insurance policies don’t include accidental damage cover as standard so it’s important to double check.


Are all Smart TVs covered by insurance policies?

Most Smart TV Insurance policies will cover all models, but in the event that you own a specialist, cinema or bespoke model of Smart TV, it is best to contact the insurance provider.