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Cheap video camera insurance

Taking video camera footage of family and friends is a very personal thing to do. Just like photographs they hold precious memories of maybe a holiday, a party, a wedding, your honeymoon or just a memorable day at the races. They are looked back at time and time again. So while memory cards for such devices may be removable, what about protecting the hardware; the camcorder itself?

Why insure your video camera?

To replace a video camera can be expensive. They can cost from hundreds of pounds to literally thousands of pounds. You could also be reliant on specialists to make repairs to the device itself should anything go wrong. So you may want to consider protecting it from splash damage, loss, theft, cracked screens and full on water damage.

Would you be lost without your video camera?

You may need a replacement quickly for an imminent event or function. Whether you are an amateur, a hobbyist, or want to get into video editing and like to tweak footage with the various software packages out there, the chances are you would be pretty lost without it.

How can I get the best out of my video camera insurance?

  • Shop around by comparing numerous specialist video camera insurance providers
  • Out of the home cover is often vital for video camera users, check if it comes as standard with the policy you’re considering
  • Check if the policy includes accidental damage cover
  • If you travel with your video camera tell your insurer you want European or worldwide cover
  • Professional videographers will need specialist insurance as well as public liability insurance on top of their policy

Don’t count on the device’s warranty

Apart from this being limited to 12 or maybe 24 months, the camera manufacturer’s warranty will only cover if anything goes wrong mechanically within that time limit. It will not cover for damage, loss or theft.

How do I make a claim on my video camera insurance?

Should your video camera be stolen, it is essential to immediately notify the police to make a report and obtain a crime number, which will be required by the insurer. If it’s lost or damaged speak with your insurer as soon as possible to explain the circumstances and current situation.