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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Insurance

Insure a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Insurance

Dyson vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular models in the UK, but they can also be some of the most costly, with the V15 costing over £600 and the Gen5Detect costing as much as £750. 

That’s why many Dyson vacuum cleaner owners decide to invest in an insurance policy for their Dyson, which could help them cover the cost of repairing or replacing their vacuum cleaner if something goes wrong. Quotezone can help you find cheaper premiums for your home appliance insurance.

Insure a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Now

Do I have to insure my Dyson vacuum cleaner? 

No, it’s entirely up to you. 

If your Dyson is newer it will likely still have a valid manufacturer’s warranty, and if you have contents insurance as well then the Dyson will likely also be insured against theft by that contents insurance policy, in which case you might decide to forgo this standalone Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance

But if your Dyson is out of warranty then it might be worth looking into this type of insurance, because it could help you to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your Dyson if it breaks down. 

I think Dyson did give me a manufacturer’s warranty when I bought my vacuum cleaner, so presumably I don’t need a separate insurance policy then? 

Possibly, although it’s worth double-checking when you bought the Dyson and whether or not that warranty has expired since then.  

Most Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners will come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, while corded ones will usually have a five-year warranty. 

What’s the difference between Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance and an extended warranty for my Dyson? 

That’s the other thing to check – when you bought your Dyson you may have signed up for an extended warranty, which may have extended that two-year warranty on the cordless vacuum to five years, or may have extended a five-year warranted on a corded one to seven or eight or even 10 years.  

If you did sign up for an extended warranty then it might not be worth taking out a separate Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance, particularly if you also have contents insurance to cover you against theft. 

If you don’t have an extended warranty though, then it’s possible a Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance policy could prove cheaper than taking out an extended warranty now.  

How much does Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance cost? 

That will depend on a number of different factors, including the age of your Dyson, the model you bought and its estimated value, and your history of insurance claims on your home appliance insurance

The best plan is to compare Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance policies from a range of different providers, and then go with the one that offers the best appliance insurance coverage at the most competitive price.  

Is it true that my vacuum cleaner insurance will be more expensive because I own a Dyson? 

Yes, Dysons are generally towards the higher end of the vacuum cleaner market, and the value of your vacuum cleaner is one of the factors that will influence the cost of insuring it, so you likely will pay a little more for a Dyson vacuum cleaner than you’d pay if you had a less high-end vacuum. 

What sorts of things will be covered by Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance? 

In most cases, your Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance will cover you for: 

  • Mechanical faults, including the cost of repairs 
  • Replacement parts if a part or component breaks down 
  • Replacement of the vacuum cleaner if the appliance can’t be repaired 

If my Dyson vacuum cleaner is damaged in an accident will that be covered by this type of insurance policy? 

That will depend on the insurance provider you took the policy out with. 

Some policies may include coverage for accidental damage, although that’s not always included as standard, so it’s important to check your own policy’s terms and conditions to find out where you stand on this. 

With some providers, you can choose to add accidental damage cover as an optional extra, so it’s worth checking if you did that as well.  

If my Dyson suffers cosmetic damage but still seems to work ok will that be covered by this type of policy? 

No, Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance is designed to help with the financial burden if you have to repair or replace your Dyson, so if the damage is purely cosmetic and the appliance doesn’t require any repair work then that cosmetic damage won’t be covered. 

Is theft covered by Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance? 

Some policies may cover theft, but it’s more common to claim for theft on your contents insurance – particularly because most thieves are unlikely to just steal your Dyson vacuum cleaner and nothing else. 

It’s worth noting that if theft is covered by both your Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance and your contents insurance, you’ll only be able to claim for that theft on one of those policies. Claiming for the same ‘insurable event’ on two separate policies would be deemed as fraudulent because the aim of these insurance policies is to help you deal with the financial burden of an insurable event, rather than enabling you to profit from that event.  

If I sell my Dyson vacuum cleaner to someone else will the insurance transfer to them as well? 

No, the insurance policy is issued to you as an individual, so it won’t automatically transfer to the buyer even if ownership transfers to them when you sell it. 

It might be possible to ask the insurance company to move the policy into the other person’s name, but in most cases, it’s easier (and potentially cheaper) for the buyer to take out their own insurance policy. 

What happens to my Dyson vacuum cleaner insurance if I move house? 

You’ll have to notify the insurance provider of your change of address, and some providers may charge a small ‘admin fee’ to update your records. 

In most cases, it shouldn’t affect your coverage or your premium though, because your address usually isn’t one of the risk factors that were used to determine the cost of your policy.  

Insure a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Now