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Boiler Cover

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Whether your boiler was manufactured by Glow Worm or Baxi, Vaillant or Potterton, Worcester or Ideal, it really won’t be ‘ideal’ if your water heater or central heating system breaks down.

Because, let’s face it, no one likes a cold shower even if it is good for their health, and towering stacks of dirty dishes are not the kind of thing any homeowner wants to come home to at the end of a busy day.

Luckily, if your boiler does break down you should be able to have it repaired fairly quickly, provided you have the right home emergency cover in place.

Whether you end up going with British Gas boiler cover, Corgi boiler insurance or Homeserve boiler cover (or opting for a different provider entirely), it pays to compare quotes before you sign on that dotted line.

Of course, if your boiler was installed fairly recently then it might already be covered by its boiler warranty, since most boiler manufacturers offer a standard two-year warranty on new boilers, and some offer much longer warranties than that.

If your boiler is older, though, and you don’t have an extended boiler warranty, then you might want to consider getting a quote for home emergency insurance.

Compare boiler breakdown cover

Do I need boiler breakdown cover if I rent my home?

No, if you are a tenant in a rented property then your landlord owns the boiler in your home, and it is usually their responsibility to ensure your water heater and central heating system are repaired quickly and professionally if something goes wrong.

The one exception to this rule is if the boiler breaks down as a direct result of damage caused by the tenant, ie you. In that case you may be required to cover the cost of any repairs or replacements yourself.

Do I have to take our boiler insurance cover if I own a buy-to-let property?

No, you are not obligated to take out any type of home emergency insurance for your buy-to-let property.

However, your obligations as a landlord do mean that you are required to ensure that your tenant has heating and hot water, and to ensure that repairs are made quickly and professionally if something goes wrong and they are left without hot running water or heating. In that situation, the right boiler breakdown cover could prove very handy indeed.

My boiler is three years old – is it still under warranty?

That will depend on the make and model of the boiler you purchased, and also whether you extended your boiler warranty when you bought it.

Glow Worm boilers and Potterton boilers generally come with a standard 2-year warranty, although with both brands the customer can register their home appliance to receive an additional 2-years of boiler cover for free, meaning the boiler would be under warranty for the first four years.

Vaillant offers a 2-year warranty on some of its boilers, and a standard 5-year warranty on other models.

Baxi and Worcester, meanwhile, both offer their customers an impressive 7-year warranty as standard, while Ideal offers an 8-year warranty on most of its boilers.

How can I find cheap boiler cover?

If you’re looking for cheap boiler insurance cover it probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t necessarily take the first quote you’re offered. To find the best price you should shop around first by doing a boiler cover comparison.

Ensuring that your boiler is serviced regularly can also reduce the cost of your  boiler breakdown cover in the long term, since it will make it much less likely that you will have to claim on your insurance. And fewer insurance claims equals cheaper insurance premiums.

Is boiler breakdown cover a waste of money?

If your boiler is already covered by your manufacturer’s standard warranty, or by an extended boiler warranty you took out at the time of purchase, then an additional boiler insurance policy may well be a waste of money.

If your boiler or central heating system isn’t under warranty, though, then boiler insurance cover may well be worth the cost if you can find a relatively cheap insurance quote.

Unlike some other home appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, new boilers generally aren’t available for less than £300, and some cost upwards of £1,000 or even £2,000.

If you have a cheaper model but the cheapest quote you receive for boiler cover is disproportionately high then you might decide to take a risk and forego the insurance.

If your boiler is worth thousands, though, then you may decide that the premium really is worth the peace of mind it will bring you.

Will my boiler be covered by my home insurance or contents insurance?

Some home insurance and contents insurance policies will include home emergency cover as standard – if your policy includes that kind of cover, then you probably will be insured for a boiler breakdown.

If your home insurance doesn’t automatically include home emergency cover then you can often choose to add that to your existing policy as an optional extra.

Alternatively, you could choose to leave your home insurance as it is, and do a boiler insurance comparison to find standalone boiler breakdown cover.