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Cheap Windscreen Cover Insurance

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Unfortunately windscreen damage is a common occurrence for UK motorists and when left untreated can lead to very costly repairs or indeed even replacement. Ignoring chips and cracks on your windscreen is never recommended and windscreen cover is something that should be taken as seriously as standard car insurance.

Why is windscreen insurance important to have?

Having coverage for damage to your cars windows is your peace of mind that you won’t be left out of pocket if your windscreen needs repaired or replaced. Ignoring chips and cracks can lead to more costly repair later on, so you’ll want to get them treated as soon as you notice them. Whilst you will likely need to pay excess on a windscreen claim, some insurers do waive the fee if the damage is small enough. If you do need to pay excess the good news is that it is typically far cheaper than claiming through a standard car insurance policy. It may be tempting to risk not addressing a chip or crack as they can initially seem insignificant and the idea of going through the claims process may be off putting to some. However as previously mentioned, ignoring windscreen damage can result in further problems and an overall weakening of the glass with time. Ultimately it usually works out far cheaper to sort a chip or crack sooner rather than later.

How much does it cost to repair a broken car window?

The cost of repair or replacement of your window will vary depending on which window is broken and whether you need a repair or a replacement. Generally a windscreen replacement can cost anywhere from a few hundred pound to up to £1000. Even side and read window replacement can cost a couple of hundred pounds.

Windscreen repair is generally cheaper than replacement as if the costs of repairing a car window outweigh that of just replacing the whole glass, then replacement will be the option usually used.

I general it is hard to give an exact cost on replacing or repairing your car’s windows as this will really depend on your cars make and model, the level of damage.

Types of windscreen damage
  • Standard Chip – This is the most common and least severe type of windscreen damage. It is typically caused by small debris hitting the window and over time breaking off chips of glass. It can sometimes be hard to notice these chips but overtime if left untreated these chips can form cracks and weaken the overall strength of your windscreen.
  • Bullseye Chip – As the name suggests this is when debris or a larger object such as a rock directly hits your windscreen, leaving a more noticeable hit on your windscreen. These will look more like moon craters however it is possible to also get ‘half moon chips’, which essentially leave a half crater on your windscreen.
  • Star Break – This occurs when an object hits your window causing cracks to spread out in all directions like a starburst.
  • Edge Crack – This occurs when a crack forms on the edge of your windscreen and if untreated can spread deeper into the windscreens center.

It is also possible that extreme temperature changes can cause glass to crack so it is advisable not to treat frost on your windscreen with boiling water as this may weaken the glass over time. Use lukewarm water instead as a less risky alternative to clear your windscreen.

How much is windscreen cover?

We’ve already established that you can potentially pay hundreds of pounds repairing or replacing your windscreen. With this in mind you should weigh up the cost benefit of taking out a windscreen insurance policy. Typically adding windscreen insurance to your car insurance policy will only set you back a couple of pounds per month. This means you can significantly save on windscreen cover and treatment if you ever need it.

How does windscreen cover work?

Windscreen cover is typically not included as standard on most car insurance in the UK and so is offered as an add-on coverage option by most insurers. How this works is when you take out a car insurance policy, you’ll select windscreen cover as an add-on to your quote in order to boost your coverage. Once windscreen cover has been included in your policy, you’ll then be covered for any insurable event which causes damage to your cars windscreen resulting in the need for replacement or repair.

Do I need to pay excess on windscreen cover?

if the damage to your windscreen is very slight, for example a chip or small crack under a few millimetres, you may not even be charged excess by your insurer if you decide to make a claim. The amount you pay in excess in order to get your window insurance to kick in really depends on your insurer and policy details. The best way of ensuring you get the cheapest windscreen cover you can is by comparing multiple quotes from differing lenders and comparing the market. This will increase your chances of finding the cheapest windscreen insurance cover.

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