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Multi Car Insurance

Multi Car Insurance
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As many people now have more than one car at home, your household could be paying more than necessary for your car insurance.

Compare cheap multicar insurance from UK insurance providers

If you’ve got 2 or more cars registered at the same address you could save money by comparing multicar insurance and insuring the cars under the same policy.

Compare multicar insurance policies using Quotezone

Getting a cheaper policy could be just one step away. Many insurance providers may offer discounts if you insure more than one car on the same policy. If your home has a family fleet of 2 or more cars, a multicar insurance policy could be suitable for you. Insurance providers could cover between 2 and 5 cars under the one policy, making your family policy easier to manage, saving you time and money.

Regardless of who lives at the address, anyone could avail of a multicar policy as long as their cars are registered at the same address. Whether you are a family with children who are driving, or a group of young professionals living together, you could save money by comparing multicar insurance with Quotezone. Multicar policies can also cover people who are the main policy holder and own a second car, allowing you to have one policy with one renewal and one set of paperwork.

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Here at Quotezone, our service is free and we are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All you have to do is fill in our simple one page form to get quotes from our panel of UK insurance providers. Click on our multicar form now to see if we could help you save on your insurance today.

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Multi car insurance guide

When a person owns more than one vehicle it may be worth investigating the option of multi car insurance as it could offer similar levels of protection as a single car policy.The main benefit of having a multi car policy might be to try and get a discount on vehicle cover. Having cheap multi car insurance could be more cost effective than individual policies for each vehicle.

Essentially each vehicle included on a multi-car policy could attract a discount when insured alongside other vehicles. The owner may then have a single policy that could offer cover for up to 5 vehicles. This may be much more convenient than having to remember about individual policies and when they need insurance renewals or new quotes.

Potential benefits of choosing multi-car insurance

A UK multi-car insurance policy tends to cover up to 5 vehicles and may be a useful tool for saving money on insurance for those that could have several vehicles rather than just one. With a multi-car insurance policy the renewal date is likely to be identical for all cars under the policy making it much more convenient in terms of vehicle administration. Having a multi-car insurance policy in place could be beneficial for families that may have multiple drivers, couples that have a vehicle each or an individual that has two or more vehicles. It might even be possible to get multi car insurance if a child is away studying for example but this could depend on the insurance provider.

Typically only private vehicles might be allowed on a multi car insurance policy and it is usually the case that vans cannot be included – only car type vehicles.

Is Cheap Multi-Car Insurance Possible?

Buying any kind of vehicle insurance may prove to be expensive depending on the size and type of vehicle and so it may not be possible to guarantee cheap multi-car insurance. However this kind of policy could be more cost effective for those that have more than one vehicle in any circumstances. It could be an affordable solution that may be worth comparing to find out which may offer the best deal. The price of the premium may also depend on the driver’s history and the specification of the vehicles to be insured. Once this information is identified this could be the best route to compare multi-car insurance UK and find a policy that is more affordable.

Having other motorists on multi-car insuranceGetting a good deal on multi car insurance could depend on several factors. One of these might be the level of driving experience that a person has. For instance a person that has lots of years driving may balance out the inexperience of a brand new driver on this type of policy.

It could work out cheaper to add a younger driver to a multi car insurance policy rather than having a single car policy. This may depend on who is paying for the insurance and how much each party are likely to use the vehicles in question.

Shopping around for multi-car insurance

Getting a range of quotes for multi-car insurance is usually a good idea ahead of signing up to a particular policy. Therefore it could be a good idea to search online first to compare multi-car insurance. Looking for a policy this way could be much easier than attempting to contact individual insurance companies. Ringing around various different insurers could be frustrating especially if not all of them offer multi car insurance.

By using a comparison it may be possible to see which insurance companies could help as well as the premium prices all in one place.

Comparing multi-car insurance could be the best way to find an affordable range of quotes. Entering in some basic information may be the quickest way to get started.

Getting a multi car insurance quote using a comparison could be the easiest way to work out which could be the cheapest option.

Protecting a no claims discount

Having a no claims discount could still apply to a multi-car insurance UK policy but it may be worth having protection in place as it could be more vulnerable. When evaluating quotes it may be a good idea to protecting a significant no claims discount as if another named driver had an accident this could be placed at risk or lost completely. This may be checked out ahead of committing fully to a multi-car insurance policy.

Suitable vehicles for UK multi car insurance

It may be the case that not all vehicles are immediately suitable for a multi car insurance policy depending on the insurance group that they fall into. For a person that owns an expensive high performance vehicle it may be better to insure that separately rather than on multi-car insurance.

Finding the right multi-car insurance comparison could help to solve any concerns about which option provides the best value for money. In a few simple steps a person could be well on their way to knowing the best deal for them. Checking the terms and conditions carefully before finalising any policy is usually a good idea to check it offers what is required.

Looking online for a policy tends to be the most convenient and often the cheapest way of buying multi car insurance. Working with a comparison service could put people in touch with brokers or insurance providers that could help quickly and efficiently to secure the right type of insurance.

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