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Scooter Courier Insurance


Riding a scooter and working as a courier is doubly risky in that you are on the road for many hours, on a vulnerable vehicle and the greatest care must always be taken. A courier rider can include a rider who carries parcels and goods between two locations and finding cheap online quotes for the right kind of insurance is important and can save you large amounts of money.

What can Quotezone do for me?

Quotezone can help you locate and compare the cheapest and best UK insurance coverage, and not being brokers we always remain neutral. Many comparison sites will simply offer you basic online quotes for policies which are for general courier use, but Quotezone helps you detail your own policy and add personalized specifics where needed. We first take some general details from you, using our online form system. You input data regarding yourself and your scooter, as well as the nature of your courier work. Once we have that information, Quotezone will then call you on the telephone to talk with you further about how we can help and who can offer you the best and cheapest quotes.

Where do I go from there?

Once you have the list of companies who we feel can offer you the best quotes, we leave it to you which ones you choose to take your policy out with. You will need third party insurance coverage at the minimum, but also you will likely need indemnity or carriage of goods insurance, depending on the nature of your work.

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The Quotezone website has good layout which is easy to understand, with a straight forward system to use.Jude, United Kingdom, 24 June 2014