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Cheap Courtesy Car Insurance

What is courtesy car insurance?

Courtesy car insurance is your cover for when you need to get around whilst your car is being repaired. This allows you the peace of mind that regardless of the situation around your own car, you’ll still have the ability to get from A to B. These courtesy cars are only temporary solutions however whilst your main vehicle is being repaired but they can be a life saver for the busy motorist.

How does courtesy car insurance work?

Whilst most courtesy cars tend to be small compact vehicles with small engines and low fuel consumption, commonly referred to as Class A courtesy cars, you can also elect for an insurance policy that provides you with a “like for like” courtesy car. This means that you will be supplied with a car that is similar to your own however these policies are typically more costly. The benefits of this however is that you will be provided with a car that can match your requirements such as a large vehicle for all your family members.

Under a courtesy car insurance policy you’ll be supplied with an appropriate vehicle when you are involved in an accident and waiting for your vehicle to be repaired at a garage. This coverage is included even if you are the at fault driver in the accident which damages your vehicle.

*Note – If your car is later found to be unrepairable and is written off, you will likely be required to immediately return the courtesy car to the insurer.

Will I be provided a courtesy car if my own is stolen?

While many insurers will provide you with a courtesy car as temporary solution if your car is stolen it is important to note that not all insurers will do this. If your insurer won’t provide you a courtesy car in the event of theft, you can alternatively look into hire car cover in order to have access to rental vehicles in such a situation.

Courtesy car vs Courtesy taxi

A courtesy car is separate from a courtesy taxi in that the car lent to you is yours to drive. If a courtesy taxi is included in your car insurance policy then this will simply be to get you from A to B in the immediate aftermath. This is typically for instances such as a breakdown away from your usual residence. Some policies may cover you for overnight accommodation in the event of breakdown far from home. This is where a courtesy taxi can be provided for transportation to such accommodation.

Will my car insurance include a courtesy car?

This will depend on your insurer and your level of cover as a courtesy vehicle is typically not considered a standard for many car insurance policies. Third-party Only (TPO) and Third-party, fire & theft (TPFT) will not include a courtesy car in their coverage as these are considered the basic forms of car insurance. A comprehensive form of car insurance may include a courtesy car as standard however some insurers will only offer a courtesy vehicle as an add-on to an existing policy. The best thing to do to determine this is to check policy details and confirm your current or future coverage with the insurer directly.

What are the things I need to know about courtesy car insurance?

When you take out courtesy car insurance there are typically some conditions that an insurer will require you to meet in order to be provided with your courtesy vehicle.

  • Your car is not written-off and will be repaired
  • You may not get a courtesy vehicle under an availability clause, this means that the insurer will only provide you with a courtesy vehicle if one is available.
  • Unless you have a “like for like” clause in your policy you will probably be provided with a standard compact car
Is a courtesy car worth it?

This really comes down to your personal preference and situation. For example if you are heavily reliant on having a car for work or leisure and would not be able to make alternative arrangements then a courtesy car may be a necessity.

What if I’m involved in an accident with the courtesy car?

The good news is that your insurance will cover you for driving the courtesy car as it would your own. You’ll only need to pay excess for courtesy car repair and replacement should you be involved in an accident with your courtesy car.

How long do I get the courtesy car for?

Typically you will be given a courtesy car for as long as your car is being repaired. However some insurers will include a limit on your courtesy car time period. This can range from 14 days to 21 days however this can again vary depending on the insurer. You will need to return the courtesy car if your vehicle is found to be a write-off.

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