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Car Key Cover

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Loosing keys can happen to the best of us, unfortunately however it can also be expensive. The cost of replacing a set of car keys can set you back anywhere from the £200 mark to even £1000. With a car key cover policy you are able to claim on these costs should your keys be lost, stolen or broken.

Luckily, Quotezone has you covered!

How much is car key cover?

Whilst traditional car keys can typically be replaced on average for under £200, remote or keyless entry cars can cost up to £1000 to replace. Some car insurance providers may include key replacement cover as standard under their policy. This means you won’t need to take it out as an extra on your car insurance policy. The cost of insuring your keys will vary across differing factors such as the make and model of your car and if you need a complete replacement or simply repairs. The easiest way of seeing how much extra car key cover will cost you when added to your car insurance policy is to take out a quote.

Is car key insurance a standard with car insurance?

Generally no, some providers may include it as standard whilst others may charge an additional fee for including it in you policy. The level of comprehension on your policy can also be a factor and some insurers will only cover you if your keys are stolen. Some insurers may allow for you to claim on your insurance for lost or stolen car keys without it impacting your no claims bonus. You should always check the T&Cs of your policy to be sure you are getting the coverage you expect.

What is included under car key cover insurance?

Generally speaking most insurers will allow coverage for the cost of repair or replacement of your car keys up to a value of £1500 although some providers may cover you for more. Some car key insurance policies may cover you for the associated costs of loosing your keys such as taxi fees and transportation costs if you can provide the appropriate receipts. However this level of coverage is very comprehensive and so you will pay more on your premiums to be covered against these costs.

What are some exclusions for car key insurance?

The common exclusions for car key insurance include the following:

  • Damage due to wear and tear
  • Upgrades to your car keys
  • Damage to the cars locks only
  • Keys stolen without a crime reference number
  • Replacement when keys can be repaired at a cheaper price
  • Damage, theft or loss of keys by someone not insured to drive your car

Remember to report your stolen keys as soon as possible and to get a crime reference number, your claim my be rejected if you fail to do these.

How long does it take to receive a new set of keys after claiming on car key insurance?

The time it takes for you to receive your new keys really depends on the type of keys you are replacing and the time it takes for your provider to process your application. Generally you can expect to receive your new keys in less than two weeks but this can vary on the above factors. Some insurers may offer you a replacement vehicle while you wait for your replacement key set.

How can I prevent needing to make a claim for lost or damaged car keys?

There are some practical and simple steps you can take to ensure you aren’t stuck in a difficult situation if you end up having your keys lost or stolen. Here are some quick tips:

  • Have a spare set of car keys – Investing in a set of spare car keys can protect you from the logistical headaches that can come from not being able to access your car.
  • Invest in a bluetooth tracker – This can help you track down your keys both inside and outside the house so you won’t need to make a claim until you are positive the keys are lost.
  • Don’t leave your keys lying around – Choose a specific spot for your keys and keep them there. This will mean you always have a spot you can be sure you’ve left them even if you think you’ve misplaced them.
Car Key Insurance
Can Quotezone help me find cheap car key cover?

Our independent and non-biased comparison tool can help you compare multiple car insurance policies fast and give you the ability to find a bargain without the fuss. Since car key cover is a common add-on to most car insurance policies, most insurers will gladly incorporate it into your car insurance policy for an additional fee. The easiest way of finding out which provider will offer you this coverage at the best price is simply by comparing multiple insurers.

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