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Cyber Attack Cover

Cheap Cyber Attack Cover

Being able to work online and contact clients all over the world has helped so many businesses have a wider audience, talent pool, and a bigger influence. However, it also comes with the additional risk of cyber attacks, where people target your network or the data you hold. Getting the right cyber attack cover can help make sure that you are protected if this happens.

Here at Quotezone, we have a quick and simple quote comparison tool. If you compare cyber attack cover you have the chance to save time and money compared to looking for insurance directly.

What is cyber attack insurance?

Cyber attack insurance is essentially liability insurance should there be a successful claim against your business due to damages resulting from a cyber attack. Situations which can lead to claims being made against your business and assets include loss or breach or client data, compromising of client finances and so on. Having the right cyber attack cover is crucial for protecting your business and assets. Quotezone can help you find the right cyber insurance today without the hassle.

What does cyber attack insurance cover?

Most cyber risk policies cover network security, interruption due to cyber attacks, data protection & liability, and employee error that causes problems. However, you should carefully check any insurance policy before buying it to make sure you are getting the best cyber attack cover for your business.

What is not covered by cyber insurance?

Most cyber attack insurance will not cover attacks that are part of an act of war. They also do not cover intellectual property theft even if this is done as part of a cyber attack. You might be able to get that coverage as an additional option if needed.

What are the top industries targeted by cyber attacks?

The main industries that are targeted by cyber attacks are finance, healthcare, and government operations. However, any company in any industry can get attacked as hackers are often looking for personal information to sell or profit from.

Why is cyber attack cover expensive?

Cyber attack insurance can be expensive since it is a relatively new field and not all insurers offer it yet. There are also a lot of companies that want cyber attack insurance, which can make it hard to contact some companies. However, there are plenty of ways to get cheap cyber attack cover.

How much cyber insurance do I need UK?

The average cost that business in the UK incur as a result of cyber attacks is over £3.5 million per business. Without insurance this would need to be recovered from company assets and so the case for having cyber insurance is evident. Having liability coverage of around £5 million is a recommendable coverage amount for a medium sized business. Many government agencies will require their partners have at least £5 million in liability cover in order to work with them.

How much does cyber insurance cost?

This really depends on the nature of your operations and the size of your business and clientele. The best way of finding an exact cost for your companies cyber insurance is to compare multiple insurers and decide on the best policy for your business. Quotezone is here to help with that!

How can I get cheap cyber attack cover?

One of the best ways to get cheaper cyber attack cover is to compare quotes from a wide range of different insurers throughout the UK. This will help you see what is on offer and can save you money.

Is cyber attack cover worth it?

While some companies might not want the extra expense of cyber attack cover, it can be very beneficial to have this insurance. Cyber attacks could mean you are unable to operate your business for days at a time, and liability payments could be huge. Proper insurance can help prevent this.

When should I get cyber attack cover?

You can get cyber attack cover as soon as you start your business. This means that you will be protected in case of attack from day one. This is very important because you might not have rigorous cybersecurity protocols in place if you are a new company.