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Hacking Insurance

Compare Hacking Liability Insurance

Thinking of taking out hacking liability cover? In the modern, digital age cyber attacks are a real and present threat to businesses of all types and sizes, so it’s important to make sure you have the right protection in place. At Quotezone, we can help you do a quick comparison of hacking liability insurance across trusted UK providers so that you can find a great deal fast.

What is hacking?

Hacking is a type of online attack, where hackers attempt to gain unauthorised access to or exploit your private network or computer system. They might do this by obtaining passwords, using phishing scams, infiltrating through malware or using bots. Once they’ve gained access, they’ll be able to view private confidential information, have control over your online network and potentially use this to steal money, sell your information or hold you to ransom.

Is there insurance for hacking?

Yes, you can take out an insurance policy to protect your company against liability and financial losses caused by cyberattacks, including hacks.

What does hacking insurance cover?

Hacking insurance, sometimes called cyber insurance provides cover in the event of a malicious hacker attack. Standard hacking liability insurance normally covers losses related to hacking as well viruses, data breaches and other cybercrimes.

You’ll typically have first-party coverage for direct costs to your business, including:

  • Hiring experts to investigate and find the source of a cyberattack
  • Legal fees for advice on complying with regulations
  • Recovery of lost data or software
  • Public relations campaigns to repair reputational damage
  • Losses to your company income from business interruptions
  • Ransom fees
  • Notifying affected third parties, typically your customers or clients, in the event of a data protection breach.

You’ll also usually have third-party coverage for damage or losses caused to third parties (usually your clients or customers) by a cybercrime that affected your business, including:

  • Legal fees, forensic costs or settlement payments arising from a claim made against you for breaching privacy or data protection regulations (GDPR).
  • Defence and investigation costs arising from a breach of privacy, negligence or defamation in media publications.
How can I get cheap hacking insurance?

One of the best ways to secure cheap hacking insurance is to shop around for multiple hacking liability insurance quotes. Using an impartial comparison service like Quotezone.co.uk lets you collect and compare hacking insurance quotes quickly and easily so that you can find a great deal.

As well as shopping around, you can also:

  • Make sure all your security solutions, including antivirus software, are up to date.
  • Implement Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) to improve security and reduce the risk of hackers being successful.
  • Have an effective Incident Response Plan in place to assure your provider you can minimise the impact of any attack that slips through your defences.
Compare hacking liability cover with Quotezone

Take the hassle out of searching for different insurers. Use Quotezone’s free and easy comparison service to compare hacking insurance quotes and find a great deal on your hacking liability cover today.