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Data Breach Insurance

Compare UK Data Breach Insurance

In the modern digital age, almost every company stores a lot of data on their customers, their products, login details, and more. Data breaches are becoming more common, as people work to hack into companies’ servers to get hold of information that they can sell. That’s why data breach insurance is a good idea, whatever type of business you run.

Here at Quotezone, we offer a handy quote comparison tool to let you quickly and easily look at cyber insurance, including UK data breach insurance. Our tool can help you quickly and easily find the best data breach insurance for your company.

What is data breach insurance?

Data breach insurance helps you respond to a breach when personal information gets lost or stolen. This can cover all sorts of eventualities, from hackers attacking your network, to accidental breaches due to employee error. Data breach insurance can help you cover the costs of having to notify customers and employees, as well as the costs of correcting this.

Can you insure against data breaches?

Yes, there are plenty of insurance firms offering insurance policies to help with data breaches. You should be sure to check what types of data breaches are covered by individual insurers, as not all will cover every eventuality. Some insurers will also cover data breaches that have occurred prior to when you purchase insurance, which can help if you have already had a data breach.

Who is liable when a data breach occurs?

As the company holding the data, you would be responsible for data breaches that occur. You might need to prove that you did everything possible to prevent data breaches. This is why data breach insurance can be useful.

Is data loss covered by insurance?

Data loss and data theft can both be covered by insurance. You should check what different insurers offer to check what exactly is covered by different policies. Some insurers may not cover cases of data loss caused by employee negligence.

What are the main types of data breaches?

Data breaches can be caused by a wide range of cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks, XSS attacks, SQL Injection attacks, and more. You should check what kind of attacks an insurer can help you recover from.

What is the most common data stolen?

The most common data that is stolen by hackers is the personal information of your customers and/or employees. This data can then be sold or used. Most hackers will want to collect the contact details and payment details of your customers.

How can I get cheap data breach insurance?

If you want cheap data breach insurance, use Quotezone’s handy tool to compare quotes. You can easily enter your details and find insurers who offer data breach insurance policies to suit your needs.