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Cheap Cybersecurity Cover

The digital age has brought a lot of great opportunities for companies to operate online, with customers all over the world. However, this has also brought the new risk of cyber attacks, data breaches, and more. Getting good cybersecurity cover can be a great way to protect your business against these threats.

Here at Quotezone, we have a handy quote comparison tool that can let you quickly and easily find cheap cybersecurity cover. Comparing quotes instead of contacting insurers yourself can help you save time and money, as well as find one of the best cybersecurity cover options for your company’s needs. All you need to do is input your details to get offers from insurance providers throughout the UK.

Is cybersecurity insurance worth it?

Cybersecurity insurance can be expensive, but it can help you avoid the huge financial implications of a data breach or a cyber attack. If your company is attacked it could cause you to lose work, be unable to work until the problem is resolved, or you might be told to pay a ransom to the hackers. Proper cybersecurity insurance can help avoid this.

When should I get cybersecurity insurance?

You can get cybersecurity insurance as soon as you start your business. This means that you will be covered from day one, helping avoid any problems early on. You can also get some policies that will help with the aftermath of an attack that has already happened.

Why are cybersecurity policies important?

Cyber security policies are important as they can protect against the costs associated with data breaches and other costs associated with cyber attacks. Given that the average UK business who is exposed to a cyber attack without insurance is over £3.5 million worse off on average, getting dedicated cybersecurity insurance can be crucial for protecting your business and assets.

What does cybersecurity insurance cover?

Cybersecurity insurance usually covers network security, network interruption, liability & data protection, and errors made by your staff. However, you should carefully check your insurance policy before you buy insurance, as not all policies will cover all of these eventualities. You can also add some optional extras to most insurance policies, such as pre-existing threat cover.

Why is cybersecurity insurance expensive?

Cybersecurity insurance can be expensive because it is a relatively new field, and because not all insurers offer these products yet. Using our site can help you get in touch with insurance providers that you might not be aware of, potentially helping you find a better deal.

What doesn’t cybersecurity insurance cover?

You will often find that cyber insurance does not cover the theft of intellectual property, even if it was stolen via a cyber attack. Many policies also exclude cyber attacks that are part of an act of war.

How can I get cheap cybersecurity cover?

One of the best ways to get cheaper insurance is to compare cybersecurity cover options. This will help you quickly look at offers from insurance providers throughout the UK.

Does cybersecurity insurance cover ransomware?

Yes, most cyber insurance policies will cover ransomware attacks. This is when a hacker locks your system or network until you pay a ransom. You should check policies before purchasing though, as different insurers will cover a different maximum ransomware payout.