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Compare Cyber Liability Cover

Cheap Cyber Liability Cover

With more and more companies working in the digital world, there is an increased risk of cyber attacks. This can be an issue for productivity and workflow, but the real risk is when you hold customer data. If you have a data breach and lose customer data, you could be facing cyber liability issues, which could cost your company a lot.

Here at Quotezone, we use a quick and simple quote comparison tool to help you find cheap cyber liability cover. Comparing quotes can help save you time and money, as well as help you find the best cyber liability cover for your company’s needs.

What is cyber liability Insurance?

Cyber liability cover will protect you from the costs of data breaches, cyber attacks, and other issues that may result in customer data being violated. Although It is not a legal requirement to have cyber liability cover in the UK, it could save you a large amount if your company is the victim of an attack or if you have a data breach. With the average data breach costing medium to large UK companies over £8000 in a single attack, it’s highly recommended you have coverage in place.

When should I buy cyber insurance?

You should always make sure that you have appropriate insurance if you are handling data. This means that you could get insurance to cover cyber liability as soon as your start up your business, to ensure that you are protected.

Why is it hard to get cyber insurance?

It can be hard to find great cyber security providers due to this being a relatively new field. However, you can use our tool to get offers from a wide range of insurance providers throughout the UK.

What does cyber liability insurance cover?

Cyber liability insurance covers the costs involved with getting your system back to normal operation after a data leak, a ransomware attack, or other issues. You should check with your insurer to make sure that they cover everything you need though, as some insurers do not cover acts of war, theft of intellectual property, and upgrades required to stop cyber attacks.

What are the four main covered under cyber liability?

The following 4 categories are covered under most cyber liability insurance policies.

  • privacy risk
  • security risk
  • operational risk
  • service risk.

Breaches in any of these categories can lead to costly losses for your business as well as potential damage claims from disgruntled clients. Having a solid cyber liability policy in place will help you protect your business and assets from these claims as well as legal fees such has hiring a lawyer.

What is a ransomware payout?

Some hackers will hold your network to ransom, asking for a payment before you will be able to access or unlock the network. They may also do this with your customer data. Most cyber liability insurance will cover any ransomware payouts that you have to make following an attack, though different insurers will have different limits for payouts.

Is phishing covered by cyber liability?

Depending on the insurer and the phishing incident, phishing may or may not be covered by your cyber security insurance. You should always check that an insurance policy meets your needs before you purchase it.

How can I lower my cyber liability insurance premium?

One of the best ways to lower your insurance costs is through cyber liability comparison at Quotezone. This will let you see what different insurers offer, so you can quickly and easily find a great deal.