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Cyber Risk Cover

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The internet is a great way for businesses to operate, but it does come with risks. With more and more companies having an online presence and more people becoming familiar with how to do cyber attacks, there is a bigger risk than ever of your company coming under attack from hackers.

Here at Quotezone, our handy quote comparison tool will let you quickly and easily compare cheap cyber risk cover from insurers throughout the UK. Using our tool can help you save time and money, plus it can help you find the best cyber risk cover for your business’s needs.

What is cyber risk cover?

Cyber risk cover is insurance to protect against the risks and costs involved if your business faces a cyber attack. This means that the insurance aims to help with the costs if you have a data breach or face a malware attack or a ransomware attack.

What are the main things covered by cyber risk insurance?

The main things covered by cyber risk insurance are network security, network interruption, liability, and errors & omissions. Of course, not all insurance policies will cover all aspects of cyber attacks, so you should read the insurance documents thoroughly before buying insurance to make sure that it covers everything you need.

What is not covered by cyber insurance?

Most cyber risk insurance does not cover intellectual property theft, as this is not strictly a cyber issue. Many insurers will also have policies that exclude acts of war, as well as technology upgrades that you need to prevent future attacks.

What should I look for in cyber risk insurance?

When you compare cyber risk cover, you should carefully check the policy to make sure that the cover meets your needs. You should also assess your risk as a company. This means looking at how vulnerable you are to cyber attacks, as well as what the consequences of a cyber attack could be. This will help you select the right coverage.

How can I lower my cyber risk insurance?

You can lower the cost of your cybersecurity insurance by comparing offers from multiple providers throughout the UK. This will help you see many different insurance options at a glance and it can save you a lot of money on your insurance premium.

Why is cyber insurance expensive?

Cyber attack insurance is expensive because there is a high risk for companies these days. The number of hackers has increased and more and more companies are under threat. You can look for cheaper insurance by comparing quotes.

Does cyber risk insurance cover ransomware?

Yes, plenty of cyber risk insurance policies cover ransomware attacks. This is where a hacker will lock your network until you agree to pay a ransom. Different insurers will cover different ransom amounts.