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Insure your Galaxy S9 smartphone

In this age of super expensive personal devices, finding insurance should be as automatic and ordering a case or screen protector. After all, a lost or stolen smartphone is even more costly than one with a cracked screen.

Quotezone.co.uk allows you to choose from a range of gadget insurance providers so that you can find Galaxy S9 insurance policy that’s right for you.

My phone cost a lot of money – does this mean my insurance will be expensive too?

Although your phone may be worth a lot of money, the cost of your S9 insurance should be a lot cheaper than the cost of that smartphone – after all, Galaxy S9 insurance is designed to protect you against the risk of certain insurable risks happening to your S9, but it’s entirely possible none of those things might happen during the year that you’re covered.

I have two phone contracts, one for me and one for my child. Can I get one policy to cover both phones?

That is absolutely possible. Most providers will allow you to put more than one mobile phone on the insurance package and doing so can often work out cheaper than having two standalone gadget insurance policies.

If you are paying the bill for someone under the age of eighteen, then you will be the legal contract holder, and you will need to be the point of contact for any repairs or replacements. The insurance provider may ask for the person who holds the policy to speak on the phone, even if they use the mobile phone number of the young person to get in touch. Just make sure the person who uses the phone understands this so all parties understand the situation.

The biometric fingerprint reader isn’t working, is this covered by my Galaxy S9 insurance?

If your biometric fingerprint reader has been damaged then you should be covered provided your policy includes ‘accidental damage cover’ and/or ‘mechanical failure cover’. Fortunately, a lot of gadget insurance policies, including those for the Galaxy S9, do include these policy features as standard.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if your Galaxy S9 is still under warranty your insurance provider might require you to get the biometric reader repaired by Samsung rather than claiming on your insurance.

I spend a lot of time travelling, more than 90 days in the year. Will my S9 insurance cover me while I’m away?

Many Galaxy S9 insurance policies will include coverage for theft, loss or damage that occurs while you’re travelling, but it’s important to double check your own policy’s terms and conditions to confirm this.

It’s also important to ensure you still file a police report if your Galaxy is stolen while you’re abroad, because it often isn’t possible to claim for a stolen device unless you’ve reported the crime to the police.