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Sony TV Insurance

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Sony TV insurance

If you’re looking for Sony TV insurance, the best fit is likely to be contents insurance: the cover provided for items inside your home. Contents insurance can be taken either with or separate to buildings insurance, but it often works out cheaper if you take out the two in tandem. Contents insurance covering your Sony TV will protect you against:

  • Theft and burglary (providing the property is locked and secure at the time)
  • Water damage caused by burst pipes, adverse weather or other similar damage
  • Structural damage caused by a buildings fault
  • Fire damage (provided the fire is not caused with intent or negligence).

Some contents insurance plans also cover accidental damage, which many people find brings peace of mind – particularly with children or pets around the house.


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Taking out Sony TV insurance to protect your television is common sense – after all, it cost you a lot of money and you want it to last a long time. Don’t let accidents or mishaps put an end to your telly viewing habits. Get the right t.v. Sony insurance today.- If you have any more questions regarding Quotezone and how we can get you the right insurance please refer to our FAQ page.


What counts as accidental damage to my Sony TV?

The exact definition of accidental damage will be noted on your Sony TV insurance policy, if included. Generally, accidental damage refers to sudden and unexpected damage caused without intent.


Do I have to have a certain model of TV for Sony TV insurance?

Most insurance companies will cover any current model of Sony TV but some may exclude particularly large, cinema or specialist products. If you have a specialist television, it is best to contact the insurance company directly to qualify for full cover.


Does Sony TV insurance cover damage by children?

Accidental Damage will, in most cases, cover for the damage of a Sony TV by children if unintentional.


Does Sony TV insurance have to be taken out directly from Sony?

Sony TV Insurance can be taken out from a whole host of different companies and does not need to be purchased directly from Sony, although they do offer their own warranty and support packages.


How much does Sony TV insurance cost?

The cost of Sony TV Insurance is calculated based on the model of television to be covered, the associated risks to the product and the level of cover being provided. Quotes can be compared so you can select the most competitive price available to you.


Which companies offer Sony TV insurance?

Most insurance companies that sell contents insurance will include Sony TV insurance, as well as some specialist gadget insurance firms who specialise in electronics.


Will Sony TV insurance result in repair or replacement?

Each Sony TV Insurance policy stipulates differently what it covers. For some models of TV, particularly those very new or very old, repair would be a costly and a lengthy process, so replacement is a more viable option for insurance companies to offer. In some cases, a television may be replaced with a ‘like for like’ model in the event of an insurance claim, if the original model is currently unavailable.