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Hoover Insurance

Whether your hoover is a Hoover, or you own an entirely different brand of vacuum cleaner but still call it a ‘hoover’, it might be worth investing in a suitable hoover insurance policy in case your appliance breaks and you have to fork out for repairs or a replacement.  As with many home appliances, hoovers can be expensive, just like a washing machine or a fridge you can find yourself relying on having them. Thats why it’s important to consider covering your home appliances against damage or theft.

Insure a Hoover Now 

Is hoover insurance a sensible investment? 

Honest answer? It depends. 

If your hoover is a budget model that you bought for fifty or sixty quid then no, it’s probably not worth insuring that vacuum cleaner. After all, if it breaks you can replace it with a similar model for another fifty or sixty quid, without having to worry about insurance claims and things like that. 

But if you’ve forked out over a grand for your hoover then the mathematics might look a little different. In that situation, a relatively cheap hoover insurance policy could well be a very sensible way to cover the cost if your appliance ever kicks the bucket and you need a repair or a replacement. 

OK, so this type of policy would cover the cost of a replacement? 

Yes, in most cases your insurance provider will insist on repairs first, but if it isn’t possible to repair your appliance then you should be able to claim for the cost of a replacement with this policy. 

What about accidental damage, will that be covered? 

Maybe, but probably not. 

Some home appliance insurance specialists will offer accidental damage cover, either as standard or as an add-on, but it’s more common for accidents to be excluded from coverage. 

In that case I’m guessing that if someone damaged the hoover deliberately that would be excluded too? 

Yep, definitely. 

‘Malicious damage’ (ie damage that is done to the appliance deliberately) will always be excluded from coverage. 

Is theft covered by hoover insurance? 

That can vary from one provider to the next, but it’s worth bearing in mind that if you have contents insurance that will usually cover theft if your hoover is stolen by a burglar even if your hoover insurance policy doesn’t cover it. 

Interesting – so if my hoover insurance does cover theft, and I also have contents insurance, does that mean I can claim from both policies if my hoover is ever stolen? 

No, while overlapping insurance policies like this aren’t an issue in their own right, you won’t be allowed to claim from both policies if your hoover is stolen. To do so would be considered insurance fraud, so you’d need to work out which policy gives the better coverage and claim from that one. 

How much does hoover insurance cost in the UK? 

That will depend on a wide range of variables – the make and model of the appliance you’re insuring, its value, its age, your no-claims bonus, and your history of insurance claims on home appliance insurance. 

The only way to get a true picture is to compare policies that take your real risk factors into account. You can then go with the provider that offers the best policy at the cheapest price.  

Can I insure an older hoover? 

Yes, within reason. 

Most home appliance insurance providers will have a maximum age limit for appliances they’re willing to insure, although this can vary quite a bit from one company to the next. 

For instance, some companies might cap it at five years old, while others might allow you to insure appliances that are ten years old or even older. That’s another reason why it pays to compare different providers. 

Can I insure a hoover that I bought second-hand? 


Some appliance insurance specialists might be willing to insure a second-hand hoover, although it will still need to be within their maximum age limit.  

Does hoover insurance cover regular servicing of the appliance? 

No, generally not.  

Hoover insurance is intended to protect consumers from the financial burden of repairs or replacements if their hoover suffers an insurable event that is unforeseen and unexpected. Servicing doesn’t fall within that category because it is predictable, expected and recurring.  

Can I transfer my hoover insurance to my new address if I move house within the UK? 

Yes, provided you are still in the UK you should be able to change your address details on your policy. It’s possible your insurer might charge you a small admin fee for this update to their records, but your premium is unlikely to change. 

Does hoover insurance cover accessories and attachments? 

Yes, if something happens to some of the attachments that you need for your hoover there’s a good chance your hoover insurance can help to replace them, although it’s worth checking your policy’s small print to be sure. 

If I claim on my hoover insurance will that put the cost up next year? 

Yes, probably. 

Your insurance claims history is one of the risk factors that will be used to calculate your premium, so if you claim it could result in higher premiums next year.  

Some providers also give you a no-claims bonus when you don’t claim for several years, which you’ll also lose if and when you have to claim on your policy. 

If I sell my hoover what happens to my hoover insurance? 

Since you won’t need that particular policy anymore you can simply let it expire, although if you buy a new vacuum cleaner it might be worth insuring that one separately. 

If you do sell your current hoover it might be worth double-checking that your current policy isn’t set to auto-renew, because otherwise you would end up paying for another year’s worth of insurance on an appliance you don’t have.  

If I do replace it with a newer model then presumably I can just rely on the manufacturer’s warranty? 

Yes, potentially. 

If you buy the newer model brand new then it will definitely come with a manufacturer’s warranty because all appliances legally have to have a warranty in the UK. 

How long this warranty will be valid for, though, can vary from one provider to the next. The minimum is 12 months, while some manufacturers offer a two-year or even five-year warranty as standard.