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Small Appliance Insurance

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Small Appliance Insurance 

You might think that small household appliances aren’t worth insuring, but given that some of these machines can cost £500, £1,000 or even £2,000 to replace if they ever break down, this type of insurance policy just might be worth considering. 

Insure a small household appliance now 

How do I decide if it’s worth insuring a small appliance? 

The main factor will be the value of the appliance – if it’s an iron that only costs £20 or a microwave that costs just £60 then it probably isn’t worth taking out a small appliance insurance policy just for that appliance. 

If you own a £1,000 Dyson vacuum or a £2,000 Jura coffee machine, on the other hand, then this type of coverage could act as your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Insurance policy. These forms of cvoerage are definitely worth thinking about. 

Can I insure multiple small appliances under a single policy? 

Yes, absolutely. 

Most appliance insurance specialists will allow you to insure a whole host of small appliances under a single policy, which could prove to be much more cost-effective (and a lot less admin!) than insuring each appliance individually. 

What does this type of policy actually cover? 

That’ll vary a little from one appliance insurance provider to the next, but in many cases, a small appliance insurance policy will cover: 

  • Mechanical breakdown, including call-out charges, if one of your appliances breaks 
  • Replacement parts and labour costs for fitting those parts 
  • The cost of replacing that appliance if the engineer decides it can’t be repaired 

Can’t I just rely on the warranties instead of insuring the appliances? 

Possibly, although it’s worth remembering that some manufacturers only offer a 12-month warranty (that’s the minimum warranty period for new appliances under UK law), while a few may offer two-year warranties. 

After that one-year or two–year period is up you’ll have to cover the cost yourself unless you have suitable insurance in place for your small appliances. 

How old can the appliances be? 

That will vary from one provider to the next. Some will insure your appliances until they’re five years old, while others might keep insuring them until they’re ten years old or even fifteen years old. 

How much will it cost to insure small appliances? 

That will depend on a whole host of factors, including how many appliances you’re insuring, the types of appliances you’re insuring, their makes and models, their values, their ages, your insurance claims history and your no claims bonus. 

The best plan is to compare real quotes and then go with the one that offers the best coverage at the cheapest price. 

If I claim for one small appliance, will my other appliances still be covered? 

Yes, if you take out an appliance insurance policy that covers multiple small appliances the policy won’t end when you claim for one of those appliances, so the other gadgets and devices should still be covered even after that claim is approved. 

Can I insure “smart home” appliances under this type of policy? 

Yes, most home appliance insurance specialists will allow you to insure smart home appliances as well as “dumb” ones. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that issues with the software or firmware that powers the smart home features are unlikely to be covered, although you’d still be covered for mechanical issues or faulty parts. 

If my faulty appliance causes damage to my home can I claim for that damage with this type of insurance? 

No, when you insure small appliances your policy is only designed to help with the financial burden of repairing or replacing that appliance. Any damage the appliance causes to other parts of your home won’t be covered by this insurance. 

What about personal injuries that are caused by a faulty appliance, will that be covered? 

As with damage caused to your home, if someone is injured by a faulty appliance those injuries are unlikely to be covered by this particular insurance policy since your small appliance insurance is only intended to cover the cost of repairing or replacing that appliance.  

If I buy new appliances can I add those to my small appliance insurance? 

Yes, if you buy new kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners etc you should be able to update your small appliance insurance in order to ensure they are covered by that policy. It’s important to note that you’ll likely be charged an administration fee to update the policy, and your premium will probably increase a little as well since your risk profile will have changed. 

Of course, if the appliances are brand new you might decide not to add them to your insurance until the renewal date, since they will almost certainly be under warranty until that date in any case. 

Would extended warranties be a cheaper option than a small appliance insurance policy? 

No, the opposite is often the case – extended warranties quite often cost more than an appliance insurance policy.  

You would also need separate extended warranties for each appliance, whereas when you take out small appliance insurance you can insure a host of different domestic appliances under one single policy.  

If I lend one of my domestic appliances to a friend will it still be covered? 

You will need to check your policy’s terms and conditions, but in many cases, if something happens to one of your appliances while it is being used by a friend at a different address you wouldn’t be able to claim on your insurance for that incident.  

Can I cancel my small appliance insurance if I’m emigrating? 

Yes, it should be possible to cancel your small appliance insurance policy – you would need to speak to your insurance provider over the phone to arrange this cancellation. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that you might not get any of the money back for the policy even if you cancel it because many insurance providers will charge a cancellation fee and this can sometimes amount to more than the balance of the premium