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As every jockey, rider and pony club member will know, horsebox insurance is a specialist type of equine trailer insurance. That means it may not always easy to find cheap horsebox insurance online.

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Whether you take part in eventing or dressage events, it could be good to know you’ve got cheap and competitive cover in place for your horsebox.

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Getting started is simple. All you have to do is fill in some details about yourself and your horsebox within our online form. We will then pass this information on to our panel of UK insurance providers who will then get in touch with you directly to discuss your insurance requirements.

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Are there certain things I should know about Horsebox insurance?

When owning a horse it may be the case that it requires moving at some point or another. In order to do this safely it could require a horsebox that keeps the horse in a calm and fixed location. A horsebox might be used when travelling to and from horse events in the UK and could provide a familiar and comfortable surrounding for a horse whilst travelling. Like any other kind of vehicle that travels on UK roads it could be a legal requirement to get horsebox insurance in order to protect from theft, damage or accident. A horsebox is likely to be a sizeable investment and so is perhaps one that most people may want to keep safe.

What is the definition of a horsebox?

In the UK it is usually the case that a horsebox is a mode of transport suitable for moving a horse. It is often a vehicle that incorporates a horse box and cab combined or it could be the type of vehicle that is essentially a separate trailer. Whatever type of horse box a person owns however, they are still likely to be an expensive set up and so suitable horsebox insurance could be essential. It is also important to note that horsebox insurance is unlikely to include protection for animals and this usually needed separately.

Taking a horsebox on the road

Travelling on UK roads in any motorised vehicle tends to mean insurance is needed. Having the right horsebox insurance in place could mean having third party cover or fully comprehensive cover that could offer protection for the vehicle, driver and third parties. Even without being driven on the road it is probably the case that some sort of insurance policy may be required unless the vehicle is declared off road.

Third party only insurance is the lowest requirement for cover and generally only provides insurance protection for another party or parties in the event of an accident. This could mean a horsebox owner having to pay out for repairs to their own vehicle themselves which could be tough financially. Third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover could be better options with the latter usually providing a more robust level of cover.

Horsebox driving license requirements

Before purchasing any horsebox and deciding on insurance it could be worth investigating the driving license requirements needed. These may be different to driving a regular car and so it may be wise to look into. A valid driving license is usually needed ahead of taking out any type of insurance policy.

In order not to risk voiding any insurance it tends to be the case that all intended drivers may need a valid license and any associated professional driving qualifications. This may depend on the weight and load limitations of the vehicle so horsebox owners could need to check this out in advance.

Variations to horsebox insurance UK may apply if the transportation of horses is for business purposes ie for hire or reward. Again this may be down to the horsebox owner to evaluate the type of UK horsebox insurance they require.

Shopping for cheap horsebox insurance

Finding horsebox insurance may seem like a struggle. However, one of the easiest ways to secure this kind of specialist insurance may be to search online. Finding horsebox insurance may not be as straightforward without knowing the providers that offer this kind of policy. An online comparison may however give access to cheap horsebox insurance companies much faster. To compare horsebox insurance could also give a range of quotes together rather than one at a time meaning that potential policy holders could see at a glance which might be most suitable.

Comparison searches online could be much quicker and much more convenient when finding insurance for a horsebox. It may also be possible to add additional requirements depending on the circumstances and what needs to be covered under the policy.

Things to consider when buying horsebox insurance

Like any insurance there may be limitations and exclusions to consider. The same may be true of horsebox insurance and so checking individual terms and conditions is likely to be as important as any other policy.

Considering the age of the drivers and the number of drivers that may need insurance to drive the horsebox could be important. Drivers under the age of 25 may not automatically be covered and so this could need further investigation and may attract additional premiums.

The weight that a horsebox could carry may also be a factor and it should be adequate for the size of horse. Owing to the likely large weight of a horse it could be worth checking that the load for the horsebox isn’t exceeded as this could invalidate a policy.

Horsebox owners may be asked to consider the security of their vehicle or trailer in order to make sure any risk of theft could be minimised. Wheel clamps and or registering the vehicle to a database may be features of a policy that could require implementing in order to secure insurance.

Breakdown cover for horseboxes

Breaking down could be very inconvenient at the best of times in a standard vehicle. Having a breakdown situation with a horsebox could be much worse especially if the driver is stranded without easy access to help. Horsebox insurance could include breakdown cover at an extra premium and may be worth exploring to avoid any awkward situations.