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Multi-Pet Insurance – Cheap Quotes for Multiple Pets

More than 50% of UK households are home to at least one pet… and more than a quarter of those households have more than one pet. If you belong in that latter group, it would be a good idea to look into multi-pet insurance, which is likely to be a cheaper option than insuring each pet separately. 

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Multi-pet insurance – a no-nonsense guide

If you’re a seasoned pet owner you’ll already know that there’s nothing akin to the NHS for your furry friends – if one of your pets gets ill or is involved in accident you’ll have to cover the cost of the resulting veterinary bills, medication or surgery yourself – unless you have the right pet insurance.

Needless to say, if your house is home to more than one pet then your risk of unexpected vet’s bills will increase too. You’ll have two (or more) cats or dogs that might get ill or injured… two (or more!) cats or dogs that might require costly surgery or expensive medical treatment.

That’s why you’d be sensible to consider investing in a good multiple pet insurance policy if you have more than one pet.

Will I get a discount if I’m insuring multiple pets?

Yes, many insurers will offer a discount when you insure more than one pet with them on the same policy, so it’s unusually to opt for this type of policy instead of insuring each pet separately.

Can I insure cats and dogs on the same multi-pet insurance policy?

Yes, if you own both cats and dogs your multiple pet insurance can cover them all under a single policy. Not only is that likely to save you money on your pet insurance, but it will also mean you don’t have to worry about having separate renewals dates for each of your pets.

What does multi-pet insurance cover my pets against?

Multi-pet insurance should cover some or all of your veterinary bills if one of your pets is ever injured and taken ill.

Routine treatment like vaccinations, neutering or spaying, worming treatment and flea treatment usually won’t be covered.

How many pets can a multi-pet insurance policy cover?

The number of pets you can add to a multiple pet insurance policy will depend on the insurer, but it’s usually a maximum of between six and ten pets.

How big will the discount be?

It will vary from one provider to the next, but the average is around 5% to 10% off, compared to the cost of insuring each pet separately.