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Motorbike Theft Insurance

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life, motorbikes are a prime target for many thieves who view them as easy yet valuable targets. In 2021, there were over 43,000 reported motorbike thefts across the UK with the majority of these occurring in urban and densely populated areas. Those living in more rural areas were more well off however these bikes are more likely to be left unattended and so are also vulnerable. There are also less CCTV cameras in rural areas so this can make locating and retrieving stolen bikes more difficult. The most stolen motorbikes are taken from residential areas, followed by commercial areas and car parks.

What motorbikes are more at risk of theft?

The most stolen motorbike makes in the UK are Honda, followed by Yamaha and Suzuki. Typically bikes that are easy to sell and valuable are the ones most target by thieves. The time where a motorbike is most likely to be stolen in the UK is between 10am and 4pm.

What are some things you can do to keep your motorbike safe from theft

To ensure that your motorbike doesn’t get pinched, here are some practical steps you can take to reduce the chances of theft:

  • Always park it in a secure location, like a garage or locked compound.
  • Utilize a reliable high-quality lock, such as a chain or disc lock, to deter potential thieves.
  • Register your motorbike with the police to enhance the chances of recovery if it gets stolen. Additionally, consider fitting a tracking device to your bike for added security.
  • Stay vigilant by being aware of your surroundings and keeping your motorbike lights on while parking, as these simple precautions can discourage theft attempts effectively.
How to insure your motorbike against theft

Most motorbike insurance policies will include coverage against theft unless you choose a third party only. Additionally, more comprehensive levels of coverage will also have theft insurance built into the policy. You’ll typically pay the agreed excess amount in order to make a claim on a stolen motorbike.

The types of typical coverage that include insurance against theft include:

Third party only insurance will simply cover you for damages your motorbike may cause to third parties and is the minimum legal insurance requirement in the UK.

Comparing motorbike insurance

If you want to protect your motorbike against the risk of theft, then a good insurance policy is your protection against the unexpected. It’s an unfortunate reality that not all stolen bikes are recovered and owners can be left out of pocket if they don’t have the necessary insurance in place.

If you compare multiple motorbike insurers you can dramatically increase your chances of finding the cheapest motorbike insurance for you. Not all insurers are equal in their offerings and just because one insurer is the cheapest option for someone else doesn’t mean they’ll be the cheapest for you.

Quotezone can help you compare a large panel of UK insurance providers so you can find the right theft coverage for your motorbike fast.

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