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Travel Insurance for Cyprus

Cyprus is a long loved holiday destination for UK travellers. Its blend of beautiful beaches and waterparks with a rich archaeological history and warm local culture make it an idyllic travel destination.  

But no matter how picturesque, accidents can happen anywhere. Having the right travel insurance for Cyprus is crucial for peace of mind during your holiday, covering anything from trip cancellations to unexpected medical care.

Secure your holiday with comprehensive travel Insurance for Cyprus now

Travel Insurance for Cyprus from UK

When looking for cover for your Cyprus adventure, you will need to have European travel insurance that is tailored to your travel needs. These policies are typically sold as:

  1. Single trip insurance – You can have instant coverage for short holidays that have a specific start and end date.
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance –  Gives you coverage for multiple trips within one year. This can be a cost-effective choice if you are a frequent traveller.
  3. Backpacker insurance – Allows you to travel through multiple European countries for longer periods of time on one single travel insurance policy. 

However, travel insurance will typically exclude countries that the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has advised against travelling to at the time of your cover. So it’s important to keep an eye on the latest travel advice for Cyprus before making your purchase. 

Cheap Travel Insurance for Cyprus

Everyone wants to find the cheapest travel insurance for Cyprus. And by comparing quotes from multiple insurers, you can often find the same coverage at a more budget friendly price. 

How can I get cheaper travel insurance for Cyprus?

There are a lot of smart ways to keep down costs on your travel insurance for Cyprus. These include:

  1. Tailored coverage – Match your insurance to the length and frequency of your travel plans. Single-trip insurance suits short-term holidays, while annual multi-trip cover saves for multiple vacations within a year and backpacker insurance covers extended travels over multiple countries. 
  2. Essential coverage only – Avoid unnecessary expenses. Select coverage relevant to your trip activities, skipping add-ons for gadgets or high risk sports or activities if it is not needed.
  3. Higher excess – Opt for a higher excess as they can lower costs. Just ensure you’re comfortable covering these expenses in the case of making a claim.
  4. Compare quotes – Thoroughly compare quotes from different insurers to choose the best travel insurance for Cyprus for your budget and avoid overspending.
Do I need travel insurance for Cyprus?

Although it’s not a legal requirement, it is still highly recommended that you have travel insurance for Cyprus. Feeling safe or being familiar with a place should not deter you from getting travel insurance. 

If you have an accident or get into trouble without insurance it could lead to a serious financial burden if you have to cover the cost of cancellations, accidental damage to others, repatriations, or legal costs. 

Is Cyprus in Europe for travel insurance?

With its unique division, it’s understandable that there is confusion over where Cyprus stands within European travel insurance coverage. Cyprus is divided between the southern Republic of Cyprus, and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, the Turkish Republic is not officially recognised by many governments, including the UK government. 

This divide has been around since 1983 and for the issue of travel insurance for Cyprus from UK, most insurers will include both areas under European travel coverage. Others will offer alternative policies or add ons for travel insurance for North Cyprus, but it is still worth double checking the coverage on your insurance policy. 

Is my EHIC or GHIC card valid in North and South Cyprus?

Your EHIC and GHIC card will cover you for emergency medical treatments in the southern Republic of Cyprus. However, these cards are not accepted in the Turkish North of Cyprus.

So if you are travelling in the North of Cyprus, or if you have preexisting medical conditions it is even more important that you have travel Insurance for Cyprus with adequate medical coverage. Otherwise, you could be left with large medical bills in the event of an accident or illness. 

What is covered by Cyprus travel insurance?

Typical travel insurance for Cyprus will give you comprehensive coverage for:

  1. Medical care – Financial coverage for the expenses of medical treatments for illness or accidents.
  2. Repatriation – Coverage for the expenses involved in returning you to the UK in cases where you need specialised medical care or in the event of your death.
  3. Personal injury coverage – Financial assistance if you suffer severe injuries like limb loss or blindness.
  4. Trip interruption and cancellation coverage – Safeguards your financial investments if you have to cancel or end your trip early.
  5. Personal liability protection – Coverage in case someone else is injured due to your actions.
  6. Legal cost coverage – Assistance with legal fees in situations involving damages or third-party claims.
What is not covered by Cyprus travel insurance?

There are also things that travel Insurance for Cyprus typically won’t cover, including:

  1. Not disclosing existing medical conditions – Informing the insurer about any pre-existing medical conditions is crucial and failure to do this can completely void your insurance coverage.
  2. Intoxication – Injuries or accidents occurring under the influence of drugs or alcohol are typically not covered by your insurance.
  3. High-risk activities – Certain extreme sports or high-risk activities may require additional coverage or add-ons. Examples would be climbing, jet skiing or snorkelling.
  4. Unexpected events – Things like terrorism, civil disturbance or natural disasters may not be covered by all insurers. 
  5. Illegal actions – Claims resulting from illegal activities or actions won’t be covered.
  6. Travelling against government advice – If the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice for travelling in Cyprus is to not travel there, you will not be covered by travel insurance.

Get the travel Insurance for Cyprus that covers your needs and budget by comparing options from 30 experienced UK travel insurance providers in minutes with Quotezone.co.uk. Your Cyprus adventure deserves the protection and peace of mind that only the right travel insurance can provide.

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