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Travel Insurance for Greece from UK

Greece is a captivating destination with a mix of contemporary Greek culture, mythical history, and over 200 picture-perfect islands in the Aegean Sea. Whether you’re exploring the Acropolis of Athens, basking in the beaches of Santorini, or drinking in the nightlife of Mykonos, you’re in for an incredible time.

And your holiday can be even more enjoyable with the peace of mind that the right travel insurance gives. While all holidays run common risks like cancellation or lost luggage, Greece’s well established tourist spots heighten the risks of pickpocketing or bag snatching. Travel insurance for Greece can offer help with these common problems and much more.

Get peace of mind with travel insurance for Greece now

Cheap Travel Insurance for Greece

Travel insurance for European countries like Greece tends to be cheaper than other destinations because of lower medical costs. However, the price for your travel insurance for Greece will vary based on factors like the length of your stay, your age, planned activities, and any existing medical conditions.

One of the most effective methods to keep costs down when you are looking for the cheapest travel insurance for Greece is to compare various policies and choose the best price for your needs and budget.

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Do you need travel insurance for Greece?

Travel Insurance for Greece is not mandatory by law, but it is highly recommended, and for good reason. Insurance protects you from accidents and problems that could lead to serious financial difficulty if you have to cover their costs alone without insurance protection. 

Even if you have emergency medical coverage for Greece, the nature of its islands means there could be limited medical facilities available to you. And travelling off-island for specialised medical treatments can be costly. This is especially important if you have existing medical conditions to ensure you are not compromising your medical care when travelling. 

What travel insurance do you need for Greece?

Travel insurance for Greece from UK is not a one size fits all policy. The level of insurance you need will depend on the nature of your travels, your personal needs and planned activities for your holiday. 

Your main options within travel Insurance for Greece include:

  1. Single trip insurance – Ideal for a one-time holiday with clear start and end dates. 
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance – Perfect if you travel multiple times a year as you can cover all trips on one policy. 
  3. Backpacker insurance – Designed for extended journeys spanning multiple countries.

You can also customise these policies to your trip with add-ons that add extra protections. 

Common add-ons to travel Insurance for Greece include: 

  • Activity coverage – Additional cover for high-risk activities like trekking, water sports, or rock climbing.
  • Cruise protection – Safeguarding against missed departures or unexpected schedule changes if you are visiting Greece on a cruise.
  • Protection against natural disasters – Greece has been affected by wildfires and minor earthquakes in the past and these could affect your travel plans. 
  • Gadget coverage – Protects valuable electronic devices against theft, loss, or damage.
Is Greece in Europe for travel insurance?

Yes, Greece is part of Europe, so it falls under European travel insurance. Whether you’re purchasing single trip insurance or an annual policy, you can choose travel Insurance for Greece or Europe as your coverage area and you will be protected on your holiday to Greece.

Are the Greek islands included in Greece travel insurance? 

Yes, the Greek islands are widely included in travel insurance for Greece policies.

Can I use my EHIC or GHIC card in Greece?

Both the EHIC and GHIC cards are valid in Greece and will provide emergency medical treatment. While these cards are a great benefit, they are no substitute for the comprehensive medical coverage you get with travel insurance for Greece.

What does Greece travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance for Greece provides you with a wide range of protection including:

  1. Travel issues
  • Cancellation – Covers losses from trip cancellation for reasons specified in your policy.
  • Curtailment – Covers expenses from cutting your holiday short for reasons outlined in your policy.
  • Delayed baggage – Covers essential items if your luggage is delayed for over 12 hours.
  • Missed departure – Assists with accommodation and travel expenses if you miss your departure.
  • Delayed travel – Provides a fixed sum for additional costs following transport delays.
  1. Health cover
  • Medical expenses – Assists with medical treatment and associated expenses.
  • Repatriation – Facilitates return to the UK for medical attention or in case of death.
  • Hospital benefit – Provides a daily allowance during hospital stays.
  • Personal accident – Covers severe injuries resulting in death, limb loss, or disablement.
  1. Finances and possessions
  • Personal liability – Covers financial liabilities for third-party injuries or death.
  • Lost documents – Covers expenses for replacement documents necessary for returning home.
  • Baggage loss – Protection against lost or stolen baggage.
  • Theft – Financial support for stolen belongings during travels.
  • Property and money – Covers lost, stolen, or damaged personal possessions.
What does Greece travel insurance not cover?

Travel insurance for Greece has exclusions you need to be aware of when travelling, including:

  1. Travelling against government advice – Stay informed on the latest travel advice for travelling to Greece to avoid potential coverage issues.
  2. Substance use – Injuries or accidents that happen when you’re under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol aren’t covered.
  3. High-risk activities – Certain activities may need extra coverage for protection.
  4. Unexpected events – Standard policies might not cover events like terrorism, heatwaves or forest fires.
  5. Illegal actions – Insurers won’t cover claims that are made as the result of illegal activities.
  6. Not disclosing existing medical conditions – You must disclose all existing medical conditions to your insurer or you risk invalidating your insurance. 

Finding the right Greece travel insurance that fits your needs and budget can be time-consuming. But we streamline this task, quickly giving you quotes from 30 experienced UK travel insurance providers, so you can have peace of mind while exploring Greece.

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