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Italy Travel Insurance

Italy is a country of rich history, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisine, and boasts some of Europe’s most iconic travel destinations. Whether you’re strolling through the historic streets of Rome or basking in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, your Italian adventure deserves quality insurance protection.

Italy travel insurance is your ticket to a stress free journey, safeguarding you against unexpected disruptions, cancellations, medical expenses, and Italy’s infamous pickpockets.

Travel with peace of mind and get Italy travel insurance now. 

Italy Travel Insurance from UK

Before setting off on your Italian adventure, it’s essential to secure European travel insurance tailored to your specific needs. These policies are typically sold as:

  1. Single trip insurance – Giving you instant coverage for one off holidays that have a specific start and end date.
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance –  A cost-effective choice if you are a frequent traveller, giving you coverage on multiple trips throughout the year
  3. Backpacker insurance – Allows you to travel through multiple European countries for extended periods on a single policy. 

However, it’s crucial to note that travel insurance will typically exclude countries deemed high risk by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). So it’s key to keep an eye on the latest travel advice for Italy before making your purchase. 

Cheap Italy Travel Insurance

The cost of your Italy travel insurance can vary depending on several factors, including the duration of your stay and your planned activities. Generally, European travel insurance tends to be more affordable due to lower medical costs.

One of the main ways to find cheap travel insurance to Italy is to compare various policies to choose the best price for your needs and budget.

Quickly compare quotes from 30 experienced UK travel insurers with one simple form. 

How much is travel insurance for Italy?

This varies from policy to policy, so it is nearly impossible to give one answer to this. However, factors that will influence the cost of your Italy travel insurance premium include:

  • Your destination – Different cities or areas in Italy pose varying risks and likelihood of claiming on your policy, which will affect your premium.
  • Your age – Older travellers often face higher premiums due to an increased likelihood of making claims for medical needs.
  • Planned activities – Engaging in high risk activities like surfing, trekking, or scooter travel may raise your premiums.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – Certain conditions may increase costs as they typically increase the likelihood of needing medical attention.
  • Coverage type – Single trip, annual travel insurance, and backpacker insurance offer different levels and lengths of protection at varying costs.
  • Policy add ons – If you need extra coverage like higher personal possessions coverage or activity cover add ons, these will typically come with extra costs 
Do British citizens need travel insurance for Italy?

You might not need Italy travel insurance from UK by law, but there is a clear reason it is so highly recommended that you have insurance cover before you travel. 

Italy has gained a reputation for its pickpocketing problem, with viral videos catching offenders in the act in top tourist cities. Our own research on the top pickpocketing destinations in Europe also found Italy at the top spot for pickpocketing, with some of the hotspots being Rome’s Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Milan’s Duomo di Milano. 

Our experts say:

“It is essential always to remain vigilant, leave valuables, like expensive jewellery, in a safe in the hotel and always travel with a secure cross-body bag with zips to secure phones and wallets or even a money belt.”- Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO or Quotezone.co.uk

Is travel insurance worth it for Italy?

Without travel insurance for Italy, you could be left personally responsible for the costs of any accidents or cancellations. These can be relatively minor expenses like replacing a stolen phone or passport. 

However, they can also be much more financially devastating costs, like paying for medical care, legal fees or damages if you accidentally cause harm to others. It’s simply not a risk worth taking.

Travel insurance for Italy is a wise investment because it protects you from a range of unexpected events, such as:

  1. Medical treatment – Coverage for non emergency or private medical treatment not covered by your EHIC or GHIC card.
  2. Repatriation – Covering the cost of returning to the UK for specialised treatment or in the case of your death.
  3. Personal accident cover – Financial support for serious injuries like limb loss, blindness, or permanent disability.
  4. Holiday curtailment and cancellation – Safeguarding your financial investments in case of trip cancellations or interruptions.
  5. Personal liability cover – Protecting you if someone else is injured due to your actions.
  6. Legal expenses – Assistance with legal fees for any third-party damages you have caused.
  7. Personal items – Safeguarding your personal possessions if they are lost or stolen.
What travel insurance do I need for Italy?

This will depend on your plans for your trip. Coverage available on most standard travel insurance Italy policies is sufficient for the majority of travellers, but you might consider additional coverage or add ons for: 

  • Your health – If you have pre existing health conditions, consider specialised travel insurance for medical conditions
  • Your destination – Your destination can indicate what coverage you need on your travels. For example, if you are going to be on the coast you might consider coverage for water sports or surfing. 
  • Luggage and personal possessions – If you have any high value items you want protected, you might need higher coverage limits on your insurance. This can be useful for jewellery or engagement rings. 
  • Planned activities – If you plan on doing any high risk activities like mountaineering, skiing or skydiving, you will typically need an additional add on. 
  • Unexpected events – Political protests, earthquakes and heatwaves can all affect your travel plans. Minor tremors and earthquakes happen regularly in Italy, so you might consider getting coverage for these. 
  • The type of insurance you choose – Choose between single trip insurance, annual travel insurance or backpacker insurance. 
Is my EHIC or GHIC card still valid in Italy?

Yes EHIC and GHIC cards still cover emergency medical treatment in Italy. If you have an EHIC it can still be used until it has expired, at which point you will need to apply for a GHIC card. 

Why do I need travel insurance if I have an EHIC or GHIC card?

Although they give you some level of free or reduced cost medical treatment, these cards are only designed to give you emergency medical cover on the public health system. This means that if you are taken to private hospitals or need any care outside of what is considered an emergency, you will be liable for any costs.

This is why EHIC and GHIC cards are not considered a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance. Italy travel insurance not only covers your medical care, but it can also provide reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred as a result of your accident or illness.

Likewise, travel insurance covers the costs of returning you to the UK for necessary medical attention, or will ensure your body is transported home in the case of death. If you have pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance is even more important to ensure you are not compromising your health care on your travels.

Get the Italy travel insurance that covers your needs and budget by comparing options from 30 experienced UK travel insurance providers in minutes with Quotezone.co.uk. Your Italian adventure deserves the protection and peace of mind that only the right travel insurance can provide.

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