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Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance
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Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied property insurance is designed for properties that are unoccupied for certain periods of the year and can be for homeowners, landlords or commercial property owners.

In many cases, standard home insurance or landlord insurance is not suitable for a property that is unoccupied for certain periods of time. If this period is significant enough (usually > 30-60 days), features of the existing policy may no longer be valid. In order to be fully protected, an option may be to get a specialist policy that covers the property no matter how long it is unoccupied.

If the property is used for any commercial purposes, this will again require a different policy. In this case, a specialist unoccupied commercial property insurance policy can be purchased.

Unoccupied property insurance is designed for situations such as;

  • Unoccupied properties during renovation
  • Unoccupied properties pending sale
  • Vacant properties pending let
  • Unoccupied properties pending probate
  • Properties where the owner is in hospital
  • Owner living or working abroad

At Quotezone, we work with a range of residential and commercial unoccupied insurance providers to help find a policy to suit your specific needs.

Features of the policy can include;

  • Buildings and Contents cover
  • Vandalism cover
  • Escape of water cover
  • Flexible terms and conditions concerning Water, Gas and Electric
  • Legal Cover, including squatters, trespass and eviction
  • Public Liability Insurance for Building
  • Public Liability Insurance for Contents
  • Multi locations on one policy
Unoccupied property insurance with Quotezone

You can compare a number of polices for unoccupied insurance and choose the best one based on your circumstances. So why not fill out our simple one page form and insure your unoccupied property today?

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Unoccupied property insurance guide

There could be several reasons why a property is left unoccupied. For example the owners may be ill and in hospital, they could spend time elsewhere in the UK or abroad or they could have purchased the property as an investment and are awaiting renovations or perhaps the property is for sale and the owners have already moved out. Whatever the reason for a property being empty it could mean that it doesn’t now fall under the requirements of a standard home insurance policy. Typically these policies require a home to be occupied the majority of the time with permitted absences of 30 to 60 days maximum depending on the particular policy. For people that leave their homes for several months this probably isn’t suitable and as such they may prefer to invest in unoccupied property insurance.

Is unoccupied property insurance necessary?

If a home is left for a long period or the owner intends to leave the property then it could be that their standard home insurance is no longer appropriate. If the home was left empty for longer than the period allowed and a claim was necessary then it could make a standard home insurance policy void leaving the owner responsible for repairs on their own.

For significant building repairs due to flood or fire damage or if a home was vandalised the repair costs could run into thousands of pounds. Without insurance this could cause financial problems for many people and so investing in unoccupied property insurance could be a sensible course of action. Whilst it isn’t necessary it could be extremely worthwhile and may even be a demand of a mortgage company. Putting a home a risk without insurance could have dire consequences and so exploring UK unoccupied property insurance could be well worth it.

Buying unoccupied property insurance

When it comes to buying any home insurance looking online might be the first thing to do. This might give an example of the prices and options available. For those shopping for unoccupied property insurance it could be possible to be quickly in touch with insurance companies that offer this type of cover, rather than wasting time contacting companies that may only provide a standard policy.

Once a standard home insurance policy expires or once a person knows that they are going to leave their home for a lengthy period of time then they may want to look to get some cover in place. Even if the owner doesn’t know how long they may be absent it could still be possible to secure an unoccupied property insurance policy.

When buying unoccupied property insurance then it could be required to share the value and location of the property. The security measures in place at the home and how long the insurance policy is required for. The insurer is likely to also want to know the reason why the home is being left empty. The answers to these questions are likely to impact on the cost of the insurance premiums. It may be possible to secure cheap unoccupied property insurance however each circumstance may be different so giving a benchmark cost may be difficult.

What is covered by unoccupied property insurance?

Finding out what is covered by a policy may help determine if it is the right insurance product. It could be reasonable to expect that an unoccupied property insurance policy protected against fire, flood, theft and storm damage.

However, it is usually a good idea to check the fine terms and conditions of any policy. Whilst flooding may be covered there may be specific kinds of water damage that aren’t protected. Things like flooding and fire in an empty property could carry a higher risk for insurers because there is no-one present to raise the alarm or curtail damage which could mean more damage caused and a higher amount on any claim. As such there could be some reluctance from insurers which is why checking the small print could be important to ensure a person is getting what they need.

Is unoccupied property insurance flexible?

Rather than having a fixed term on an unoccupied property insurance policy it may be possible to have a shorter term. Insurers that offer this kind of cover tend to understand that some policies may need to be more flexible and so shorter time frames could be available of 3, 6 and 9 months. It could be a good choice to discuss the level and length of cover required so it could be adapted accordingly.

In light of this it may be necessary for owners to extend a policy, if a home doesn’t sell in a particular timeframe for example and it may mean insurance companies being more flexible to this kind of thing.

Compare unoccupied property insurance

To get a good deal on this kind of cover it might be more cost effective to compare unoccupied property insurance. This way it could mean ensuring that all aspects are included and an owner could see a range of quotes together rather than searching one by one.

Using a comparison could be very straightforward enabling owners to get in touch with brokers and insurers easily and giving more convenience in terms of cost and time. Shopping online for insurance could mean savings are made but it could also be much simpler and easier to keep track of progress as well as extend or adapt a policy if needed.

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