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Save up to £622* on your van insurance quote

What is van insurance?  

Van insurance gives you financial protection on the roads. It can help you cover the cost of repair or replacement if your van is damaged in an accident. To stay on the right side of the law, you’ll need a minimum of third-party van insurance to drive on UK public roads. 

Van insurance can also be tailored to how you use your van. Commercial van insurance, modified van insurance, and temporary policies are available. This range of options means you only pay for what you need when looking for the cheapest van insurance deals.

We search over 60 van insurance providers to save you time and money

Levels of van insurance policies

Like car insurance, you will have three main types of coverage to choose from when insuring a van. Each level of coverage gives financial support for different circumstances.

Third-party van insurance is often assumed to be the cheapest option. But this is rarely the case. Some comprehensive van insurance policies can now cost 60% less than third-party-only options.

Third-party van insurance

This is the minimum level of cover required under UK road law. It only covers damage or harm to other people, their property, and vehicles.

Third-party, fire, and theft van insurance

This also protects third parties. But it will cover your own van if it is stolen, or damaged or destroyed in a fire.

Comprehensive van insurance

Fully comprehensive cover protects third parties, their vehicle and property, and also offers financial cover for your van. This means you can get back on the road without delays or financial strain if your van is damaged or written off as a total loss.

What types of van cover do I need?

When comparing van insurance quotes, you’ll be asked for a class of use. This simply means how you use your van. There are four main usage options that dictate what van cover you need.

Business van insurance

Vans used for commercial purposes can benefit from business van insurance. This provides cover for travelling to a single place of work and can protect any tools and equipment needed for your job. You’ll also have the option to insure any driver on the van, or to insure multiple vans on one policy. This is also known as van fleet insurance.

Haulage van insurance

This covers commercial vans where carrying and transporting goods are the main focus of the business. Couriers and food delivery vans will need haulage insurance as they carry goods for hire or reward. It also typically includes day to day driving and commuting to a permanent place of work.

Social-only van insurance

This is also known as private van insurance and covers vans for socialising, pleasure, and domestic use. This is useful if your van is a secondary vehicle that is not needed for commuting or business purposes. It usually focuses on insuring one driver, but you can add additional drivers to the policy too.

Social and commuting van insurance 

This covers day-to-day driving, as well as travelling to a place of work. It can give you the flexibility you need to use your van as a primary vehicle. Despite common belief, commuting is not always covered as standard. So it’s important to make your insurer aware of this class of use.

What details do I need to get a cheap van insurance quote?

Van registration number and details 

With your van’s registration number, we can automatically find an exact make and model. Without it, we will ask for the van’s make, model, year, and engine size. 

Other details include how you use the van, the van’s value, body type, number of seats and any modifications that have been made to the van.

Personal details

These personal details demonstrate your risk level, so affect your van insurance quotes. Details we will ask for include your age, occupation, location, marital status, and number of children. 

Your annual mileage, access to other vehicles, driving history, and no claims discount are also relevant. As well as any disabilities and medical needs you have.

Type of cover

You will need to specify which of the three types of coverage you want on your van insurance policy. Details like your excess, payment terms and additional coverage will follow these. 

The main coverage options include comprehensive van insurance, third-party, theft and fire van insurance, or third-party-only van insurance.

What does van insurance cover?

This depends on the type of cover you choose on your van insurance policy. Even the minimum third-party van insurance policies cover claims made against you. But with comprehensive van insurance, you also get financial protection if your van is damaged, stolen or written off.

Additional coverage can also be included as add-ons. Popular extras added to van insurance policies are: 

What determines my van insurance premiums?


Drivers under 20 are 33% more likely to be fatally wounded in an accident. So young van drivers often pay more for van insurance. If older drivers have a good no-claims history they could get cheaper quotes with a no-claims bonus.

Your occupation 

Jobs that require more time on the road can increase your van insurance premium. Having a higher annual mileage, and driving at peak times could mean you are at more risk of being involved in an accident. 

Your location 

The rate of road accidents, congestion and crime rates in your area all affect the risk to your van. This could be balanced out by parking on a driveway or in a garage. Secure parking can protect your van from opportunist thieves and damage from passing traffic on public roads.

Your driving record 

Convicted van drivers or drivers with a track record of risky driving, penalty points, and fines will be a greater risk to insure. Our research shows that three penalty points can increase your insurance premium by 5%, and six points can increase it by 25%. 

Your claims history 

A history of claims on your van insurance could indicate that you are a risky driver, and more likely to claim in the future. Completing an advanced driving course could offset this and earn discounts with some van insurers.  

Your medical history 

Some medical conditions increase your chances of being involved in an accident. And insurers will reflect this in your premiums. More serious conditions need to be declared to the DVLA. But you should also keep an eye on medications and more subtle conditions like hay fever that can affect your driving

No claims discount 

Our policy data reveals that over three million UK drivers could benefit from no-claims discounts. In some cases, a well-established no-claims history could save you up to 60% or 70% on insurance premiums.

How much does van insurance cost in the UK

Our Quotezone.co.uk data shows the average quoted price of van insurance in the UK as £1129. This average cost considers all age groups and coverage levels. However, the cost of UK van insurance can look very different depending on your circumstances. For example, when we look at the average cost for young drivers under 25, premiums jump to £3135

Why is van insurance so expensive in 2024?

The number of claims on van insurance policies has been on the rise since 2023. This is partly because of more extreme weather conditions, and a serious spike in pothole damages. On top of this, the expense of repairs, van parts, and cost of labour has gone up. These costs have forced insurers to raise van insurance premiums to recover their losses.

So it’s more important than ever to shop around for cheap van insurance. You could save up to £622* when you compare van insurance at Quotezone.co.uk today.


Why is van insurance more expensive than car insurance?

Vans typically have larger engines than cars, so are categorised into higher insurance groups. The majority of UK vans are also used for commercial purposes. So they clock up more miles than a family car, driving up their premiums.

Will my van insurance be cheaper if I’m using the van for private use?

Generally speaking, yes. Private use typically comes with fewer risks, fewer miles and fewer drivers to insure. This can mean cheaper van insurance quotes when compared to commercial vans.

Which van insurer will offer me the cheapest van insurance guaranteed?

Each van insurer uses a different insurance premium calculation. This simply means they apply different weightings to each of your risk indicators. That’s why so many people compare quotes using van insurance comparison sites. It helps you find a provider that offers the best van insurance quote for your specific risk profile.

Does it cost more to insure a van that has been modified?

Vehicle modification increases the risk of the van being vandalised, stolen, or involved in an accident. So insuring a modified van usually costs more.

Will opting for black box van insurance mean I’m offered very cheap van insurance?

It can be if you follow the restrictions the black box policy imposes. These will usually include safe driving practices, avoiding speeding, or complying with curfews. These policies can be particularly useful for young van drivers.

How can I find cheaper van insurance?

Firstly, always compare cheap van insurance quotes online, and look for trusted insurers who can beat your renewal price. 

  • Park safely: Parking on driveways instead of the road to save over £140 per year, according to Quotezone.co.uk data.
  • Improve van security: Some providers offer cheaper van insurance when you install security features like an alarm or immobiliser.
  • Avoid modifications: Aesthetic or power-enhancing modifications can increase the cost of insuring a van.
  • Paying annually: Monthly payment plans usually charge more overall when compared to paying annually.
  • Higher excess: This can get cheaper premiums, but you’ll have to cover more if you make a claim.

Can I get cheaper van insurance with no deposit?

Cheaper van insurance naturally comes with cheaper deposits. To find a no-deposit van insurance deal, look for a provider that offers monthly payments split into 12 equal amounts. 

Some ‘no deposit’ policies do not require immediate payment. However, the first payment is usually charged a few days later. So it might not offer the financial flexibility you need.

Do electric vans cost more to insure?

Insuring an electric van is generally more expensive than insuring a petrol or diesel van. This is because of their higher market value, more expensive parts, and specialist servicing and repair needs. However, this could change in the future as electric vans become more popular in the UK.

Can I get temporary van insurance?

Yes, short term van insurance policies are available for a range of terms including one week, or even one day. These policies are great for short trips or temporary commercial use, and can also include temporary European van cover.

*51% of consumers could save £622.09 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

Written by Greg Wilson.
Page last reviewed on 1st June 2024 by Greg Wilson.

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*51% of consumers could save £622.09 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.