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When you compare bicycle insurance with our impartial and effective free service, you will see why millions people have already obtained insurance quotes from Quotezone.

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Bicycles can be expensive, particularly competitive or road racing bikes, so the need for insurance has now become even more essential for riders. We are here to help! To prevent any unexpected costs it is important to have effective cover for a competitive price. Whether you cycle competitively, for sport, to commute, or just for fun, it is always important to cover yourself and your accessories against any unforeseen risks. A bicycle policy can include loss or theft of your cycle, damage to your equipment, as well as public liability cover, or a combined policy for all.

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If you’re looking for Bicycle insurance, we understand that you don’t always have the time to comb the internet looking for the most competitive insurance policies online, thats why we do the searching for you! We could help you find cover for most makes and brands of bicycle, so if you’re looking for road bike insurance, cover for your racing bike, or mountain bike insurance, we could search for cheap policies to cover your insurance needs.

How can Quotezone help you?

Simply fill in our short online bicycle insurance form letting us know a few details of the cover you require and some contact details. We will then pass your information to our panel of UK insurance providers, who will contact you directly to offer you advice regarding your required insurance, potentially helping you save both time and money.

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What sort of things do I need to know about bicycle insurance?

Cycling in the UK could be described as one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country. This may be in part due to the high profile from Olympic cycling as well as the growing popularity for road cycle races. Many people may also choose cycling as a means of travelling to work and thus could save money on train and bus fares as well as fuel as an alternative to driving a car.

As well as being considered as more efficient to run, cycling may also be better for a person’s health. It may well sound like the perfect solution for travelling around on UK roads, especially in the summer.

The downside however may come when looking at the rise in thefts for bicycles and bearing in mind that a quality bicycle could be a significant investment any theft or damage caused could be very frustrating. Having to replace something of great value unexpectedly may be very disheartening and for some people completely unaffordable.

Having the right bicycle insurance in place could prove to be all the more important for many bike owners as they consider how best to protect their mode of transport.

Why have bicycle insurance UK?

It could be easy to assume that a bicycle may be covered on any contents home insurance policy but this may not be guaranteed.It could be the case that a home insurance policy may only offer protection if a bicycle is stolen or damaged from the home address or only if secured within or at a property. This could leave people out of pocket if a bike is damaged whilst it is parked up somewhere or stolen from a work address for example. It may be possible to extend a contents policy to include a bicycle whilst out of the home but again this may not be permissible and might not reflect the true value of the bike. This could be the main reason why many cyclists could prefer to seek out a specialist bicycle insurance policy that covers all eventualities automatically.

Bicycle insurance in the UK may not have been as popular as it could be today given the significant rise in popularity for the pastime.

Ways to secure a bicycle

A bicycle could be considered a fairly vulnerable item mainly due to how portable it is. Having a good lock and ensuring it is left only in a safe location when away from the home could be a couple of good ways to protect the bicycle. Having two locks could be a way of deterring would be thieves as well as taking lights and the seat if possible when leaving anywhere unattended.

Having separate bicycle insurance is likely to be another good plan as well as making sure a bike is registered on a suitable database used to register bikes and their owners. A registered bike that is stolen may be recovered more quickly and many companies provide free registration.

It may also be worth thinking about taking out additional cover for public liability and personal accident too. This could help in any situation where the cyclist or a third party become injured as a result of something going wrong whilst on the covered bicycle.

Finding specialist bicycle insurances

Any bicycle owner may not expect to have to take out specialist cover and they may also be unaware of where to find a suitable policy. This is why it could be easier to go online to compare bicycle insurance in order to find the best cover. A comparison service for bicycle cover may require some basic information to get started about the bike and the owner as well as how it is used. Providing this information could mean getting a cheap bicycle insurance quote that may offer the cover needed.

Whilst a cheap policy may not be a certainty depending on individual circumstances it could be possible to have full bicycle protection in order to provide cover if a bike was stolen or damaged. Using a comparison service online could be much more convenient and may help an individual evaluate the options before committing to a particular policy.

Bicycle insurance exclusions

Any bicycle insurance policy isn’t guaranteed to cover everything so it is usually worth checking the exclusions on any policy before deciding to purchase. This could save some heartache further down the line or it could form part of researching policies online.

Some common exclusions could be:

  • Using a bicycle for an income – for instance a cycle courier or other person that uses the bike for monetary gain.
  • No proof of ownership – keeping the purchase receipt could be essential to any claim as it may be considered void if it cannot be produced.
  • Cosmetic damage not usually protected – scratches or dents that are purely cosmetic and don’t interfere with the running of the bicycle aren’t generally covered on a bicycle insurance policy.
  • Accessories not covered on their own – loss or damage to accessories unless they are part of the bicycle at the time of an incident aren’t usually covered under a policy. If you have additional accessories over and above the manufacturers specification it is probably a good idea to check if they could be covered before buying.
  • Not securing a bicycle properly may not be included as well as any incidents involving alcohol or drugs.A UK comparison service could help to identify the most appropriate and affordable bicycle insurance.

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