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What does a sandwich shop need to insure against?

If you run a sandwich shop in the UK, then it’s very important to make sure you get the right type of insurance for your business. Sandwich shop insurance is a type of commercial property or business insurance. There will also be many similarities to restaurant or café insurance due to having a similar business model.

Since you’ll be serving food, hiring employees and serving members of the public, it’s important to know what type of insurance you need, and even more important to compare quotes, so that you can find cheaper insurance policies.

Sandwich shops need various kinds of insurance to help protect against the common risks experienced within this kind of business. The risks associated with this kind of business are varied, and include: slips, falls or other injuries which members of staff or members of the public may suffer.

It can also include incidents occurring to the business or building itself, such as fire, burst pipes or vandalism. Sandwich shops can also take out standard business insurance policies to protect against the risks of running a business.

What types of insurance should I consider to insure a sandwich shop?

The most common insurance type is commercial property insurance, which protects against the costs of the building being damaged by fire, theft, break-ins and other incidents. However, there are other types of insurance to consider, too.

Employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance are often legal requirements. These are to help if an employee, volunteer or member of the public gets hurt whilst at your sandwich shop. These are the standard types of insurance that sandwich shop owners will need.

What other types of insurance are there?

There are also insurance types to help protect you against unforeseeable issues whilst running a business. This includes business interruption insurance, which helps if you are unable to trade due to certain circumstances. You can also get contents insurance to insure your stock and machinery.

There are also other types such as insuring goods-in-transit for when stock is being transported, or product liability insurance in case products you sell cause food poisoning, or burns, to members of the public. It’s important to make sure that you have all the insurance cover you need for your sandwich shop business.

How do I get cheap insurance quotes?

Getting quotes for your sandwich shop insurance is easy – simply input your details and Quotezone can help you find cheap insurance quotes to compare.

How do I purchase insurance through Quotezone?

Once you have decided on the insurance quote you want, buying insurance is quick and easy. Just select the insurance quote you wish to buy, then follow the prompts which appear on your screen.

Most insurance providers will allow you to purchase your sandwich shop insurance online, however, some may need you to contact a customer service agent over the phone.