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Trike Insurance

Whilst Trikes aren’t the most common vehicles in the UK, they are extremely popular amongst enthusiasts. The unique three wheel design makes these motorcycles more stable than traditional two wheelers as well as giving the bikes a unique look and feel.

The issue with such unique vehicles however is that getting the right insurance for them can be a challenge. Unique vehicles are typically either neglected by insurers or simply underserviced due to the number of people who use them.

Luckily Quotezone has compiled a large panel of insurers for you to find the right insurance for your Trike fast.

What is a Trike?

There are essentially two types of trike available on the market in the UK, these are motorised trikes or pedal-powered trikes, In fact trikes can be classified as either motorcycles and even cars. A three wheeled car has an enclosed chassis and steering wheel, whilst three wheeled motorbikes have an open chassis and handlebars for steering.

What insurance will I need for a trike?

As with all vehicles driven on UK roads, you’ll need to have a minimum of third-party insurance to cover you for damages you cause to other motorists. If you own a three-wheel car then you’ll need to take out specialist car insurance.

The levels of coverage you can take out for a trike are as follows:

  • Third-party only – This level of coverage will only cover you for damage which your trike causes to third party drivers. This is the minimum required coverage to drive your trike on public roads in the UK and is in place to protect other motorists from uninsured accidents.
  • Third-party, fire and theft – This will cover you for any damages you may cause to third-parties with the added benefit of protection of your trike against fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive – This is the highest level of standard coverage offered by most insurers, it includes coverage against damages you cause to other motorists as well as covering your trike against damages. Depending on the insurer, there may be extras such as breakdown coverage, and personal injury included within their comprehensive policies. If these extras are not included, most insurers will be able to incorporate these policies into your comprehensive cover.
What are the advantages of trike insurance?

There are a multitude of advantages taking out insurance coverage for your Trike. Beyond its legal requirement for lawful riding in the UK, it also provides peace of mind.

It is important to get the coverage level that best aligns with your needs to get the optimal benefits from your insurance plan. Occasionally, you may discover the intriguing fact that comprehensive policies can, in fact, be more economical than a sole third-party insurance. This is due to riskier drivers usually preferring to opt for the most budget-friendly policy available, a trend that insurance providers have recognised.

Consequently, certain insurers may adjust their pricing structure to mirror the risk these drivers pose. That’s why you should always compare as many quotes as possible before committing to a policy as you’ll never know what policy may be the cheapest option without looking.

Numerous insurance schemes extend the flexibility of tailoring your policy to cater to your precise requirements. This allows you to select supplementary features for your core policy, such as breakdown assistance and coverage for misplaced keys.

Comparing trike insurance

When it comes to evaluating premium costs, there exists a multitude of factors that can come into play. For individuals who own trikes, the realm of online trike insurance comparison can be more difficult to navigate than more conventional vehicles.

Considerations that influence the price of your premiums will encompass the trike owner’s age, riding experience, as well as the trike’s power, performance, and storage location during periods of non-use.

Another noteworthy aspect of comparison for motorcycle owners revolves around the classification assigned by different insurers to the motorbike. Unlike the standardized categories seen in the automobile domain, motorbike groupings exhibit more variability. Consequently, there’s always the potential for certain insurers to categorize a specific bike within a lower group compared to others, resulting in a slightly reduced premium. Trikes in the UK fall under insurance groups 1 to 5. Groups 1 to 5 are the lowest insurance groups in the UK. Vehicles in these groups are considered to be the least risky to insure, and as such, they have the lowest insurance premiums.

Engaging in a comprehensive comparison of policies from a large number of providers stands as the easiest way of finding cheaper trike insurance options across the market. While cost understandably remains a significant factor for many, it’s also important to consider what the policy covers you for and whether you need to choose add-ons to get the coverage you need.

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