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The Lhasa Apso might be a smaller dog, but it is mighty in attitude. Despite being a smaller breed, it is sturdy and can be very protective of its owners. With its long coat, regular grooming is a must. If you own one of these feisty dogs, you’re going to want to make sure you have adequate insurance.

Why should I get pet insurance for my Lhasa Apso?

Pet insurance is a protection policy. It ensures that should your Lhasa Apso require treatment after an accident or as a result of illness, you will not be exposed to extremely high vet bills.

Pet insurance is tiered, just like other insurance products. You can opt for the level of cover that suits you, your dog, and your budget. That’s why using a service provider such as Quotezone.co.uk, can really help you find insurance that is cheap but comprehensive in its cover. 

Do Lhasa Apso dogs make good family pets?

Lhasa Apso dogs prefer to live in homes with older children. They can get easily irritated and snappy with younger children. Your Lhasa Apso loves to spend time with you, but they are equally content in their own company. This means they can be left happily whilst you are at work.

Are Lhasa Apso’s easy to train?

These little dogs carry quite an attitude and consider themselves very independent. This can make training your beloved pooch a bit of a challenge. You can train this dog if you ply it with praise, positive reinforcement, and of course, treats. 

Are Lhasa Apso’s high maintenance? 

Daily brushing and monthly baths are high on the list of grooming priorities for this small dog. It does sit in the high maintenance bracket due to the length of its coat. If they are not cared for appropriately, you will find it develops a very knotty coat. 

Does the Lhasa Apso remain in good health?

This dog has short legs but a long spine, so it can develop health conditions in relation to this. It can also develop brachycephalic conditions, which are connected to the long spine. However, the average life expectancy for this breed is between 12 – 15 years, similar to many other breeds. 

Does the Lhasa Apso like to spend time on its own? 

Lhasa Apso’s are pretty independent little dogs and are content enough to spend time on their own. These dogs will amuse themselves if you are not around for a couple of hours. However, if you know you are going to be out all day, you might want to secure the services of a dog walker to ensure they are getting the exercise they need. 

Do Lhasa Apso dogs smell?   

Lhasa Apso’s do have a long coat so it is possible that they can hold onto a scent. To avoid this, you will want to groom your pooch regularly. If this breed is not kept clean and well groomed, you may well find it develops a less than pleasant smell. 

Where can I get the cheapest insurance for my Lhasa Apso?

At Quotezone, we have been sourcing the cheapest and most competitive quotes for over a decade. We understand that you’d rather be spending time with your Lhasa Apso than finding the best policy to insure it. That’s why we do the hard work for you.

Remember, we work for you, not the big providers that we have access to. Just fill in one quick form and we will do the rest. Visit us online at Quotezone.co.uk or give us a call, we’re ready to help.