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Multi-cat insurance

If you are lucky enough to have more than one cat, a multi-cat insurance policy can help make it easier to manage your cat cover. Pet insurance for two cats or more enables you to tie all your pet policies into one plan. Some insurers also offer a discount if you insure more than one cat with them.

Multiple cat insurance

With multi-cat insurance, you still get all the same cover as you would do with individual plans. However, it means you only ever have to deal with one insurer, one set of documents and one renewal date. You can even lower your premium.

Benefits of multi-cat insurance

You can add new pets at any time

If you decide to extend your feline family, you can add your new cats to your multiple cat insurance policy, and they will be covered straight away.

All your cats on one single policy

With all your cats on one policy, you’ll have a more manageable bill with just one monthly or annual premium.

One insurance renewal date

Multiple cat insurance means you have just one renewal date each year, making it easier to manage and renew your insurance.

Frequently asked questions

What does multiple cat insurance cover?

Depending on the insurance provider, multi-cat insurance can cover you for:

  • Vets bills for unexpected injuries and illnesses
  • The cost of advertising your missing or stolen cat and even offering a reward
  • Holiday cancellation cover in case your cat becomes seriously ill, and you have to cancel your holiday

Is pet insurance for two cats cheaper?

Multi-cat insurance can be lower than standard single policy cat insurance as many providers offer a discount if you insure more than one cat with them on the same policy. The discounts vary depending on the insurer. Some will offer discounts of between 5% and 10%. Meanwhile, others offer an annual discount of £12 a year for each extra cat you insure.

How is the cost of multi-cat insurance calculated?

The age of your cats determines the cost of your multiple cat insurance. As your cats get older, they are more likely to get ill, so the cost of insurance will increase accordingly. Other factors contributing to the cost include the breed and health of your cats and your claims history.

Does multiple cat insurance cover vaccinations?

No, most multi-cat insurers will not cover vaccinations. However, vaccinating your cat is generally a requirement of most cat insurance policies. If your cat isn’t vaccinated, any claims you make on your insurance policy connected to any of the conditions usually vaccinated against will not be paid by your insurer if your cat falls ill.

How many cats can a multi-cat insurance policy cover?

While the number of cats you can add to a multiple cat insurance policy varies depending on the insurer, most will insure up to a maximum of 10 cats. Your renewal date will usually be the anniversary date of when you covered the first cat.

Does multiple cat insurance cover pre-existing health conditions?

Like standard cat insurance, most multi-cat insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. These are injuries, illnesses or health issues that have developed or started to show symptoms before buying cat insurance.

If you are looking for insurance for two cats or more, then Quotezone is here to help. We will search and compare multi-cat insurance policies from the UK’s leading providers to help you find the right deal for you and your feline family. Just fill in our online quote form, and we’ll do the rest.