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Springer Spaniel Insurance

Springer Spaniels have a great temperament and make superb family dogs. They do well with the younger members of the family and will walk for as long as you can manage. Springer Spaniels make good working dogs too. What more could you ask for?


Do I really need pet insurance for my Springer Spaniel?

Our dogs are our family. We love them and want to protect them in the same way as the human family members. Pet insurance means we can do that without constantly worrying that we will have to find a lot of money overnight. Pets are also a lot like people, they get sick and sometimes repeatedly. If you want to avoid the heavy costs that come with a sick pet, insurance is definitely the best option for you.


What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is the practice of protecting your dog against an accident or illness. In either of these eventualities, you are going to face enormous vet bills. Caring for our pets does not come cheap. Instead of finding the money to pay vet’s bill at the point of use, you are paying ahead. As with all insurance products, pet insurance is tiered, and you can choose the level of cover you can afford. You can also take out third-party insurance which covers you should your pet be the cause of and/or involved in an accident. You can also cover your pet should it go missing, if you are taking it abroad or should you opt for alternative treatments.


Do Springer Spaniels make good house dogs?

Springer Spaniels make superb family dogs. They love to be around people, enjoy being with children and even other dogs. They are less keen on cats though, so do bear that in mind if you are about to buy a Springer Spaniel.


Do Springer Spaniels suffer from many health problems?

Springer Spaniels do find themselves classed as risky in terms of health. They are prone to the same hip dysplasia that can affect many breeds. They are also susceptible to the same condition in their elbows. Ear problems are also an issue, due the length of their ears. This breed is also susceptive to springer rage syndrome. However, these dogs do have an average life expectancy of 12 – 14 years.


Are Springer Spaniels aggressive?

You will find that the majority of Springer Spaniels have a great temperament and never show even an ounce of aggression. There is, however, a condition known as ‘springer rage syndrome’ which can affect this breed. It is found more often in Springer Spaniels that are used as show dogs.


Do Springer Spaniels shed a lot?

Springer Spaniels are classed as moderate shedders. They will benefit from being brushed three times a week to reduce the amount of hair they leave on furniture and clothes.


Are Springer Spaniels high maintenance?

Springer Spaniels have a great reputation for making great household pets. They are friendly and not prone to aggression. They do however, become high maintenance in terms of grooming. It is recommended that you brush them three times a week and have their nails clipped every 3 months.


Where can I get pet insurance for my Springer Spaniel?

We know you would prefer to be out walking with your dog than searching round looking for pet insurance. That’s why we are here to take the hassle out of finding the right premium for you and your dog. Just fill in one quick form and we can source the right quote. We have been serving the needs of insurance seekers for over a decade, so let us do the same for you. Give us a call or visit us at Quotezone.co.uk.