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Germany Travel Insurance

Germany, is a country of mixed experiences offering everything from vibrant urban cultures to historical castles and traditional beer festivals. Whether you’re experiencing the nightlife in Berlin or savouring Munich’s Bratwurst and steins at Oktoberfest, you’re in for an unforgettable trip.

To ensure that your trip is memorable for the right reasons, it’s essential to have travel insurance that protects you and your journey. Germany travel insurance provides peace of mind and a safety net for any unexpected events that happen during your travels.

Germany Travel Insurance from UK

While Germany is generally considered a safe country for tourists, like any other place, there are still risks of pickpocketing and bag snatching at popular tourist spots. Unfortunately, these are dangers that you can’t avoid, but travel insurance can protect you from these and much more.

With Germany travel insurance from UK, you can get financial assistance for issues like cancelled flights, lost luggage and serious accidents that need extended medical care. Without insurance, these could end up being a financial burden that you will have to bear alone.

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Cheap Germany Travel Insurance

Travel plans often come with a budget, so finding cheap Germany travel insurance is essential. There’s a reason comparing policies is such a big part of buying insurance. Different companies will sell the same level of cover at completely different prices, and comparing makes sure you don’t pay more than nessisary.

Our quote form lets you quickly compare prices from 30 leading UK travel insurers to find the policy that best suits your needs and budget. 

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How much is travel insurance for Germany?

There is no one size fits all price. But cheap Germany travel insurance always offers great value for the benefits and protection you receive. 

Your insurance costs will be based on multiple factors, including:

  • Your destination within Germany- Whether you’re travelling to Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, insurers consider the risks associated with the specific area and set premiums accordingly.
  • Your age – Older travellers are typically quoted higher premiums due to their increased likelihood of making insurance claims.
  • Your planned activities – If you plan to do high-risk activities like skiing, trekking, or climbing, you will require additional add-ons to cover these activities.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – If you have existing medical conditions, your insurance expenses could be higher. And you might need coverage from a specialist insurer.
  • Type of coverage – Single-trip insurance is commonly used for short-term holidays, while annual travel insurance or backpacker insurance can be more cost-effective for multiple trips within a year or extended travel to multiple countries.
What travel insurance do I need to travel to Germany?

While standard travel insurance Germany policies are sufficient for most travellers, additional coverage or add-ons are available for higher coverage limits or high-risk plans.

Additional coverage options can include:

  • Pre-existing health conditions cover –  Ensure your condition is covered, so you don’t have to compromise on healthcare when away.
  • Luggage and personal possessions – You can opt for higher limits if you’re travelling with high-value items, like expensive jewellery or engagement rings.
  • Activity cover – If you plan on engaging in high-risk activities like skiing, zip-lining, or trekking in the Black Forest, you’ll typically need additional activity coverage.
  • Unexpected events – This coverage prepares for disruptions caused by terrorist attacks, political protests, or natural disasters. Germany has faced such events in the past, so this is an important consideration.
  • Gadget insurance – If you’re working or doing photography during your travels, consider gadget insurance to cover various electronic devices.
Advice from our experts: 

“Most travel insurance policies cover important documentation such as passports but rarely cover stolen cash and phones. Most providers allow travellers to add on extras that might be needed such as gadget travel insurance.” – Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Quotezone.co.uk

Do I need travel insurance to go to Germany from UK?

While it’s not legally required, travel insurance to Germany is strongly recommended. Without it, you could leave yourself in a lot of financial trouble if things go wrong, so it really is an essential part of your packing list. 

Germany travel insurance gives you invaluable protection and support for:

  1. Medical care – Protection for medical procedures that are not classified as emergencies or private treatments that are not included in your EHIC or GHIC card coverage.
  2. Repatriation – Covering the expenses associated with your return to the UK, whether for specialised medical treatment or in the event of death.
  3. Coverage for personal accidents – Providing financial aid for severe injuries, such as loss of a limb, blindness, or permanent disability.
  4. Cancellations and curtailments – Protects the money you’ve invested in your holiday in case it gets cancelled or cut short for reasons covered by your policy.
  5. Liability protection – Supporting you if someone else is harmed or damage is caused due to your actions.
  6. Support for legal costs – Offering assistance with legal fees related to damages caused to third parties.
  7. Protection for personal belongings – Covers your personal items, documents and luggage up to a specified limit if they are lost or stolen.
Can I still use my EHIC or GHIC card in Germany?

Yes, if you have an EHIC card, it will remain valid until it expires. When it does, you’ll need to replace it with the new GHIC card. However, GHIC or EHIC cards are not substitutes for getting travel insurance to Germany, and it’s essential to have both before you travel.

EHIC and GHIC cards only cover emergency medical treatment, whereas travel insurance offers more comprehensive care options, including private healthcare, repatriation, and specialised treatments. This is especially crucial if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Does my UK car insurance cover me in Germany?

Germany and the UK both participate in the Green Card system, a Europe-wide scheme allowing countries to recognise foreign vehicle insurance policies of visiting motorists.

So, your existing insurance may already cover you in Germany as all UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third-party cover required to drive in the EU.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the conditions and exemptions of this, double-check the coverage on your policy, and even speak to your insurance provider. This can give you complete peace of mind that Germany is covered and that no additional coverage is needed for issues like theft or damage to your vehicle while abroad. 

What documents do I need to drive from UK to Germany?

You can drive in Germany for up to six months with a full and valid UK driving license. However, it is important to be aware of all regulations for driving a UK car in Germany before you set off. 

The documents that you need to comply with the law include:

  • Your full, valid UK driving licence
  • Proof of ID (passport)
  • Motor insurance certificate
  • V5 registration document

To ensure a secure and memorable adventure in Germany, get a quote from Quotezone.co.uk. We allow you to quickly compare quotes from 30 UK travel insurers with a single form. Start your journey with peace of mind, ready to create unforgettable memories in this stunning country.

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