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Travel Insurance for Majorca from UK

Majorca is a long-loved holiday destination by UK travellers. And it’s easy to see why. Majorca boasts white sand beaches and summer sun, along with historic basilicas, caving and boat tours. 

Some of the more popular spots can feel like a home from home. But no matter how familiar, it’s still important to have travel insurance for Majorca that protects your health and finances while you are abroad. 

We can help you to understand the coverage you need, and the coverage you dont. So that you can find the policy and price that fits your holiday needs and budget.

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Cheap Travel Insurance for Majorca

Like the rest of your holiday costs, it’s natural to look for the cheapest travel insurance for Majorca to stay on budget. The key to not overspending on insurance is to compare different policy options. 

When you get quotes from various insurers, you can often find the same coverage for a better price. And at Quotezone.co.uk we make this easy, letting you compare 30 UK travel insurers with one simple quote form. 

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How much is travel insurance to Majorca?

The cost of your specific travel insurance premium will vary depending on several factors:

  1. Your age – Older travellers can face higher premiums because of an increased likelihood of needing medical care.
  2. Planned activities – If your trip involves activities with higher risks like surfing, caving, or boating, you probably need additional coverage.
  3. Pre-existing medical conditions – Certain medical conditions can make insurance more expensive, or you may need specialised insurers who cover your condition.
  4. Coverage type – Different insurance options, such as single trip, annual travel insurance, and backpacker insurance, offer varying levels of coverage at different costs.
  5. Policy add-ons – Additional coverage, such as increased protection for personal belongings or specific gadget coverage, usually comes at an extra expense.
  6. The length of your trip – Naturally, longer trips come with higher premiums.
Do I need travel insurance for Majorca?

Although travel insurance is not required by law, it’s still important to have travel insurance for Majorca from UK. Travel insurance is incredibly valuable as it gives crucial protection for both you and your finances when unexpected problems occur.

Majorca travel insurance will give you coverage for:

  • Cancellations and curtailment – Covering costs or lost expenses related to trip interruptions or cancellations.
  • Medical treatment – Guards against non-emergency or private medical expenses not covered by your EHIC or GHIC card.
  • Repatriation – Covers the expense of returning to the UK for specialised medical care or in the unfortunate event of death.
  • Personal accidents – Provides financial support in cases of severe injuries, like losing a limb or your sight.
  • Personal liability – Protects against injuries or damages to third parties resulting from your actions.
  • Legal expenses – Assists with legal fees if legal support.
What is not covered by Majorca travel insurance?

Certain things are typically excluded from Majorca travel insurance, such as:

  • Undisclosed pre-existing medical conditions – If you do not disclose your existing medical conditions to your insurer you could risk invalidating your insurance.
  • Substance use – Incidents that happen under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol are not covered.
  • High-risk activities – Certain extreme sports may require additional coverage. Things like surfing, sky diving or trekking will usually not be covered by standard travel insurance.
  • Terrorism and civil unrest – These events are usually not covered so it’s important to stay up to date with local events in your destination. 
  • Natural disasters – Some insurers might not cover these however these are unlikely to be a problem in Majorca when compared to other areas. 
  • Illegal actions – Claims resulting from illegal activities won’t be covered.
What risks should I know for travelling to Majorca?

Part of avoiding problems on your holidays is being aware of the risks. Spain, including Majorca, came in at number six on our top pickpocketing destinations across Europe. This highlights the necessity of Majorca travel insurance and the need to be watchful of your belongings, especially in popular tourist spots.

Advice from our experts:

“Many holidaymakers are unaware that some of the most popular destinations for Brits have some of the highest incidents of pickpocketing in Europe. Try never to leave personal belongings unattended because travel insurance companies require travellers to take ‘reasonable care’ and could reject insurance claims for theft if items have been left alone.” – Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Quotezone.co.uk 

Is Majorca classed as Spain for travel insurance?

Yes, Majorca is a Balearic Island, making it a part of Spain. This means it will be included in travel insurance that covers Spain or Europe.

What kind of travel insurance do I need for Majorca?

If you want to find the best travel insurance for Majorca for your trip you will need to consider your travel plans and personal needs. The main coverage options include: 

  1. Single trip insurance – Ideal for a single short-term holiday. 
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance – This could work out cheaper if you travel multiple times a year.
  3. Backpacker insurance – Can cover longer travels across multiple countries.

Additional coverage is usually available as add-ons that come at extra costs. Some of the options that are commonly added to travel insurance for Majorca include: 

  • Activity coverage – Standard insurance covers activities like swimming and sightseeing. But if you plan on engaging in high-risk activities like surfing, scuba diving, or spelunking, additional coverage is essential.
  • Cruise protection – If you’re visiting Majorca on a cruise, this can cover missed departures, unexpected schedule changes, and trip interruptions.
  • Gadget and electronics cover – If you’re travelling with valuable electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, or cameras, this add-on protects against theft, loss, or damage to your gadgets.
Do I need travel insurance for Majorca if I have an EHIC or GHIC card?

Although your EHIC and GHIC cards cover emergency medical treatment in Majorca, their coverage is not as extensive as travel medical insurance. Getting travel insurance for Majorca from UK means you have access to private care facilities and it covers repatriation home in case of serious injuries. This is particularly important if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

For a secure and memorable adventure in Majorca, get a quote from Quotezone.co.uk. We allow you to quickly compare quotes from 30 UK travel insurers with a single form. Embark on your journey to this stunning island with the complete peace of mind that travel insurance can give you.

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