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Netherlands Travel Insurance UK

The Netherlands is a diverse country with endless experiences for visitors. Stroll the canal-lined streets of Amsterdam, check out Delft’s historic crafts or dive into the multiple museums of The Hague. 

And although the Netherlands is just a small leap from the UK, things can go wrong anywhere. That’s where getting specialised travel insurance for Netherlands comes in. This can offer you protection and support when problems arise.

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Cheapest Travel Insurance for Netherlands

When you’re buying insurance, it’s really important to check out quotes from different UK insurance companies. Doing this helps you find affordable travel insurance for Netherlands and can make sure you get the price and protection you want.

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Do I need travel insurance for the Netherlands?

Even though you’re not required to have travel insurance for visiting the Netherlands, it’s strongly advised. This is because it protects you from unexpected situations like personal injuries, medical expenses and other common travel issues.

Without travel insurance, unexpected events and accidents can easily become a financial burden. And your holiday could be spoiled if you have to cover unplanned costs alone.

Travel insurance for the Netherlands is especially useful post-COVID when airlines and travel companies are dealing with more financial uncertainty. It can cover cancellations and travel interruptions so you don’t lose the money you have invested in flights or accommodation.

What our experts say:

“In the past three years, no fewer than 64 airlines have gone bust – leaving millions of uncertain and anxious passengers stranded in foreign countries. Taking out a travel insurance policy which includes ‘end supplier failure’ should cover travellers if their flights have been cancelled because the company has fallen into administration and gone bust.” – Gregory Raymond Wilson, CEO of Quotezone.co.uk

What is the best travel insurance for Netherlands?

When you’re searching for the best travel insurance for Netherlands for you, you’ll need to consider your travel plans and personal needs. The Netherlands will be protected under European travel insurance which is available in three policy types, including:

  1. Single trip insurance – If you’re taking a short holiday to the Netherlands, this is usually the best option. 
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance – If you usually take multiple European holidays a year, this can be a more cost-effective choice.
  3. Backpacker insurance – If you’re planning an extended journey through Europe this option can give you the freedom you need.

For some, additional coverage or add-ons are necessary to have comprehensive travel insurance for Netherlands.

Additional coverage options can include:

  • Coverage for pre-existing health conditions – This ensures your health condition is covered and you will have sufficient medical insurance while away from home.
  • Luggage and personal possessions – If you have valuable items exceeding standard coverage limits, you can choose higher limits. 
  • Activity cover – Planning activities like parachuting and bungee jumping may require an additional add-on for adequate coverage.
  • Cruise coverage – If you’re stopping in the Netherlands on a cruise, this specialist coverage can protect you from missed departures and schedule changes.  
  • Gadget insurance – If you’re working during your travels, gadget insurance is worth considering. It covers various gadgets and electronics.
What does travel insurance cover for the Netherlands?

Typical travel insurance for Netherlands will give you comprehensive coverage for a range of common travel issues.

  1. Medical care – Financial support for the costs of medical treatments that are not covered on your EHIC or GHIC cards. This includes non-emergency care and private healthcare facilities.
  2. Repatriation – Coverage for the expense of bringing you back to the UK in cases where you need specialised medical care or in the unfortunate event of your death.
  3. Personal injury coverage – Offers financial assistance in the case of you suffering severe injuries, such as limb loss or blindness.
  4. Trip interruption and cancellation coverage – Safeguards any money you have invested in your holiday if it needs to be cancelled or cut short.
  5. Personal liability protection – Coverage for expenses you become liable for after causing accidental injury or damage to others.
  6. Legal cost coverage – Offers financial assistance with fees if you need legal help.
What will travel insurance not cover for the Netherlands?

There are some things travel insurance for Netherlands typically won’t cover, and these are important to be aware of:

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions – These can require specialist insurance for existing medical conditions. And all conditions must be declared to your insurers or you risk completely voiding your coverage. 
  2. Intoxication – Injuries or accidents that happen under the influence of drugs or alcohol are typically not covered by your insurance. And this can include drugs that are usually illegal outside of the Netherlands.
  3. High-risk activities – Certain high-risk sports or activities are not covered under standard insurance and typically require additional coverage or add-ons. Examples are rock climbing, trekking or bungee jumping.
  4. Unexpected events – Events like terrorism, civil disturbances, or natural disasters may not be covered by all insurers so it’s important to check your policy details on this.
  5. Illegal actions – Claims that are made as the result of illegal activities or actions won’t be covered. It is your responsibility to adhere to Dutch law no matter where you are in the Netherlands. 
  6. Travelling against government advice – The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) give up-to-date travel advice for visitors to the Netherlands. But if they advise against travelling here you will not be covered by travel insurance. 
Is healthcare free in the Netherlands for foreigners?

Generally no, but if you have an EHIC or GHIC card you will be entitled to state-provided medical treatments in the Netherlands. However, these cards are not intended to be an alternative to travel insurance and will not cover you for non-emergency or private care. 

When it comes to finding the right Netherlands travel insurance UK policy, Quotezone.co.uk simplifies the process. We enable you to compare over 30 UK travel insurers quickly, so you have the coverage you need for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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