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New Zealand Travel Insurance UK

If you’re travelling to New Zealand you’ll be ready to explore its picturesque landscapes and natural marvels, or simply relax with the local wine. But some of New Zealand’s must-do activities can put you at higher risk than you’re used to.

The Waitomo Caves, trekking near glaciers and craters, and white water rafting are all high on the list of tourist ventures. But with travel insurance for New Zealand, you can enjoy all of these with an extra bit of peace of mind. 

Travel insurance for New Zealand protects you from common travel problems and gives you somewhere to turn when you are far from home and things go wrong. 

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Cheap Travel Insurance for New Zealand

This can be an expensive trip so it makes sense that you want to find cheap travel insurance for New Zealand. At Quotezone.co.uk we specialise in giving unbiased, personalised insurance comparisons so you can be sure you are not paying more than necessary.

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How much is travel insurance for New Zealand?

This insurance will be priced according to the coverage you need and some key factors, including:

  • Where you’re going – The countries you’re visiting will affect what coverage area you need on your insurance, and this impacts your costs.
  • How old you are – Generally, if you’re older, you might pay more for insurance because older folks tend to make claims on their travel insurance more often.
  • What you’re planning to do – If you’re doing risky activities or sports like spelunking, trekking, or water sports, you might need extra coverage or add-ons. 
  • Existing health conditions – If you have existing health problems you could need more health coverage and this usually comes at a higher premium.
  • How long your trip is – If you are taking a longer holiday this can be reflected in your insurance price.
  • What type of coverage you choose – Whether it’s a single trip, annual multi-trip, or backpacker insurance, each policy type will give you different levels of protection at different costs.
What is the best travel insurance for New Zealand?

For New Zealand, you’ll need worldwide travel insurance. A lot of insurers will also give you the option of worldwide travel insurance that excludes the USA, Caribbean and Mexico. This can be a more cost-effective option if you don’t plan to travel to these excluded countries on the same holiday. This coverage is available as:

  1. Single trip insurance – Works for short, one-off holidays to New Zealand. 
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance – This suits regular travellers as you won’t have to get separate travel insurance for each holiday.
  3. Backpacker insurance – This can be the best option if you are taking a longer trip or travelling across multiple countries. 

Standard travel insurance for New Zealand from UK covers low-risk leisure activities like swimming and sightseeing. But, if you plan on more adventurous or high-risk sports or activities you’ll need to consider additional add-ons or holiday activity coverage

Some examples of high-risk activities that might require special coverage include:

  • Water sports like surfing, kayaking, rafting, sailing, and scuba diving
  • Trekking, especially at high altitudes
  • Caving, spelunking and canyoning
  • Motorcycle, scooter, or quad touring
  • Bungee jumping, paragliding, and skydiving
  • Snowsports like skiing, snowboarding and using snowmobiles
Do I need travel insurance going to New Zealand from the UK?

New Zealand travel insurance UK policies aren’t required by law, but they are strongly recommended within the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) travel advice for New Zealand. 

Travelling without insurance means that you will be dealing with any unexpected events and their costs completely alone. This can lead to serious financial difficulty if you are faced with medical bills, plan cancellations or legal fees. It’s simply not a risk worth taking.

What does travel insurance for New Zealand cover?

Travel insurance for New Zealand can give you personal and financial protection on your travels, covering common issues including:

  1. Medical treatment costs – This helps cover the expenses for any medical treatment you might need including private care and non-emergency treatments.
  2. Repatriation coverage – This covers the costs of bringing you back to the UK if you need special medical care or in the unfortunate event of your passing.
  3. Support for personal accidents – This provides financial help if you suffer serious injuries like losing a limb or going blind.
  4. Protection for trip interruption and cancellation – This safeguards your holiday costs if you have to cancel or cut your trip short.
  5. Coverage for personal liability – This helps if someone else gets hurt or property is damaged because of something you did.
  6. Assistance with legal expenses – If you need legal help this can help with the costs.
What does travel insurance for New Zealand not cover?

Insurers have specific exclusions that you should be aware of when you are abroad. Travel insurance for New Zealand from UK typically doesn’t cover:

  1. Pre-existing health issues – These generally require specialist travel insurance. And if you simply don’t declare these to your insurer, you could risk invalidating the policy and have issues when making a claim.
  2. Intoxication from drugs or alcohol – If you get hurt or have an accident while using drugs or alcohol your insurance might not cover the event.
  3. High-risk activities – Some really risky activities might need extra coverage. You can usually add this to your travel insurance but it may come at an extra cost. 
  4. Terrorism and unrest – Tourists are advised against participating in protests or demonstrations as insurers are unlikely to cover them. 
  5. Natural disasters – New Zealand poses many risks from natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, storms and volcanic activity. These won’t be covered, especially in countries like New Zealand where they happen frequently.
  6. Breaking the law – If you do something against the law and it leads to a claim, your insurance won’t cover it. 
  7. Travelling against FCDO advice – Always check the latest events before you travel and never travel if the FCDO advises against it. 
Do foreigners get free healthcare in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, UK citizens benefit from a reciprocal health agreement that ensures access to the same healthcare as New Zealand citizens. This coverage includes emergency healthcare such as A&E visits and GP consultations. But there are limitations to this coverage including who is eligible.

You’ve got to be a full UK citizen who usually resides in the UK and can provide a passport. You’ll also need to be on a temporary visit to New Zealand and in an urgent medical situation that either started or worsened while you’re in New Zealand.

While this provides some healthcare, it is not a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance covers health care outside of these limitations as well as a mass of other issues. Some of these are repatriation or return to the UK, trip cancellations and if you are made liable for harm to others.

Your Kiwi adventure starts with finding the right travel insurance for New Zealand. And we are here to simplify the process for you. At Quotezone.co.uk, we quickly compare policies from 30 trusted UK travel insurers so you get the coverage you need for a worry-free holiday in gorgeous New Zealand.

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