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Over 70 travel insurance with medical conditions

Cheap Over 70s Medical Travel Insurance

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Compare Medical Travel Insurance for Over 70s 

Over 70s medical travel insurance is very important for a traveller over 70 years of age. It provides financial assistance in the event of needing medical care abroad. This can include medications, medical treatment even repatriation home. 

Some countries or travel destinations have less easily accessible health care than you might be used to at home. This is why it is important to have comprehensive and affordable coverage for your needs. 

Travel insurance for older travellers offers you peace of mind knowing that you are covered while traveling.  

Use our comparison platform at Quotezone.co.uk to find the different options that are available to you. Using us can help you to find the best medical travel insurance for over 70 policy for you.  

Can I still take out over 70s travel insurance if I have pre-existing medical conditions? 

Definitely, yes. It is possible to get travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing conditions. You simply need to make sure that you declare any pre-existing conditions to potential insurers. 

In some cases, pre-existing conditions may result in higher premiums because of the higher risks. However specialised travel policies for pre-existing conditions are available to compare, so you have options.  

Will those conditions always be covered by this type of insurance? 

It depends on the insurer. In some cases, you might need to do additional tests to have your pre-existing conditions covered on over 70s medical travel insurance. 

However, we can provide a list of travel insurers who specialise in cover for over 70s with medical conditions. These insurers often cover hundreds of conditions, so you can find the best option for you. When it comes to pre-existing conditions you will need to provide clear information to your insurer and check the quoted policy wording carefully. 

Are there some conditions that will never be covered? 

Yes. Some conditions would typically be completely excluded from travel insurance with pre-existing conditions over 70 policies. Some of these illnesses are mentioned below:  

  • Undisclosed conditions 
  • Some terminal illnesses 
  • Cosmetic surgery or procedures 
  • Alcohol or drug-related illnesses 
How much does over 70s medical travel insurance cost, on average? 

The cost of any insurance policy is dependent on a variety of different factors. Some of the variables that impact the cost of over 70s medical travel insurance are listed below:  

  • Your travel destination 
  • Your age. 
  • How long you intend to travel for 
  • The level of coverage you select 
  • Pre-existing medical conditions you may have  
How does having pre-existing medical conditions affect the cost of this travel insurance policy? 

Costs are typically linked to the amount of risk you present to the insurer. Some of the reasons why having pre-existing conditions affects the cost of over 70s medical travel insurance are:  

  • You are more likely to need medical care so are a higher risk.  
  • Higher costs related to the care of your pre-existing conditions. 
  • Potential specialist treatment needs that can be harder to access abroad.  
  • You might need longer treatments with additional medical tests. 
  • Higher chance of you needing repatriated or sent home for appropriate care.  
How can I find cheap over 70s medical travel insurance? 

When looking for cheap over 70s medical travel insurance, there are a few different steps you can follow. Here are some pointers:  

  • Consider annual or backpacker travel policies based on your travel plans.  
  • Compare as many different quotes as possible.  
  • Choose a higher excess amount.  
  • Carefully consider the level of cover or travel insurance add-ons you need.  
How do I declare my pre-existing medical conditions when applying for over 70s travel insurance? 

Here are the processes you can follow to declare your pre-existing conditions when purchasing travel insurance. 

  • Complete the application forms carefully, ensuring you don’t miss any sections relating to pre-existing conditions. 
  • Supply a list of all your medical conditions.  
  • Offer honest and accurate information to potential insurers.  
  • Supply medical history and letters from relevant doctors if need be. 
What happens if I don’t declare my pre-existing conditions? 

If you don’t declare your pre-existing conditions when purchasing over 70s medical travel insurance, you run the risk of invalidating the policy or rejected claims. 

It is important to declare any medical history because otherwise it will be excluded from your cover. 

You must be honest about your medical history and provide accurate information at all times. 

Should you lie or omit information when purchasing insurance, you can also potentially face legal repercussions.  

Is it true I don’t have to declare the condition if I haven’t received treatment for it in the last five years? 

Every insurance provider has unique underwriting criteria. Their requirements will be different. 

When it comes to pre-existing conditions and declaring them, it is always better to be completely honest and transparent. This ensures you’ll be protected in the long run. 

Our comparison platform helps you compare many different insurers and their policies. 

Comparing quotes is a good way to find the best medical travel insurance over 70 policies for you.  

Does the country I’m travelling to affect the cost of travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing conditions? 

Typically, yes. Your travel destination does impact the cost of travel insurance for over 70s with medical conditions. Some of the reasons why are mentioned below:  

  • Medical care costs differ from country to country. 
  • Local regulations can also vary.  
  • Some travel destinations are considered a higher risk than others.  
  • Medical facility accessibility can vary.  

Before purchasing travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing conditions, make sure you have researched the destination. Understand the level of health care offered in that country. How medical emergencies are handled is an important consideration.  

Does the duration of the trip affect my premium for this policy? 

The length of your trip will affect the cost of over 70s medical travel insurance for a few different reasons. Some of these reasons are listed below:  

  • Longer trips naturally increase exposure to risks. 
  • The longer the trip the higher the premium will typically be. 
  • The cost of accommodation is naturally higher when you are travelling for a longer period. Premiums will reflect this. 

You need to consider all these different aspects when planning to travel. Travel insurance for epilepsy, for example, requires a lot of planning and research to ensure you purchase the right policy for your needs. 

If you’re looking for over 70s travel insurance quotes then Quotezone.co.uk is here to help, compare quotes from multiple UK specialist providers and start saving on your premiums today.