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Group 32 Car Insurance  

Regardless of whether you’re driving through the picturesque streets of Bath, whisking past the iconic skyline of London’s Shard, or perhaps cruising along the historic lanes of York’s Minster area, you’ll likely benefit from cheap car insurance. When searching for cheaper car insurance options, the insurance group which car falls under will play a big part in the amount you pay on your premium.

Group 32 car insurance is one of the many categories in a comprehensive list of fifty insurance groups created by The Association of British Insurers (ABI) which is designed to help insurers determine insurance premiums. 

Located at the higher end of this spectrum, cars in group 32 have higher premiums so insurance costs need to be carefully considered when deciding on a car in this range. 

What does Group 32 car insurance mean? 

Group 32 car insurance is a specific insurance category determined by numerous factors like how the car performs, the costs to repair it, and the safety features it comes with. When you are in the market for a new car or looking to get a quote on your current one, understanding its insurance group is very important as this plays a large role in how much you will pay. 

As you delve into the world of car insurance, you will find that cars in insurance group 32 lean towards the higher end of the scale, often translating into heftier insurance premiums than their lower-group counterparts.  

How is 32e insurance different from group 32 insurance? 

Group 32e insurance is a slight variation of insurance group 32. The ‘e’ in 32e typically indicates that the car has features that ‘exceed’ the security requirement for its group. These features can be anything from added safety measures to extra technology, all of which can influence the cost of insuring the vehicle.  

Which factors place my car in insurance group 32? 

Multiple factors can determine which group your car falls into. It’s not just about the luxury or the performance of the vehicle. Factors include the car’s engine size, its potential repair costs, safety features, and even the likelihood of it being stolen. 

Additionally, cars in insurance group 32 often have a combination of moderate to high performance and pricier parts which influence repair costs. It’s the blend of these variables that can place your car in this specific group. 

How do safety features and vehicle modifications influence my car insurance grouping? 

Safety features and vehicle modifications can have a noticeable impact on your car’s insurance grouping. For insurance group 32e cars, having enhanced safety features might work in your favour by potentially lowering premiums. 

Things like added airbags, advanced braking systems, or collision avoidance can make your car safer and less of a risk in the eyes of insurers. On the other side of the coin, vehicle modifications, especially those that boost performance or significantly alter the car’s original specification, can push the car into a higher group. 

It is always best to check how any modification will affect your 32 car insurance group before making changes. Generally, adding safety features is both positive for your safety and for lowering your insurance premium.  

What’s the average cost for insurance group 32e? 

The average cost for insurance group 32e can vary. Many factors, from the driver’s age and history to where the car is parked overnight all have an impact on premiums. 

Typically, insurance group 32e average cost might be lower than group 32 as the extra security features make them less of a risk to insure. However, shopping around to compare multiple quotes is always a wise strategy to ensure you’re getting the best deal available. 

Is group 32 insurance considered high or low? 

Group 32 insurance is on the higher end of the insurance group scale. While it’s not right at the pinnacle, cars in this group can command higher premiums than those in lower groups. 

If you have a vehicle in this category, it means you’re dealing with a car that has attributes, be it performance or potential repair costs, that place it above your average run-of-the-mill vehicle. 

It is always good to be aware of this so you’re not caught off guard when looking for insurance quotes. 

Do insurance companies all quote similar premiums for group 32 insurance? 

Insurance companies, while they might use similar criteria, don’t always have the same premiums for group 32 insurance. Different insurers have their own ways of weighing up risks, considering factors like location, age, and claims history. 

That’s why it’s essential to shop around when you’re on the hunt for insurance group 32 cars. You’ll often find that while one insurer might give you a higher quote, another could offer a more wallet-friendly rate. Ultimately, it’s all about doing your research in order to secure the best deal available.  

Which cars are typically found in the insurance group 32e category? 

Cars in insurance group 32e aren’t just your typical vehicles from group 32; they’re a bit special. So, when you’re scrolling through lists of cars, bear in mind that ‘e’ indicates that the car is more secure and lower on the insurance grouping scale.

If you’re in the market, or even just curious, it might be worth speaking to a manufacturer, insurer or dealer. They can usually inform you about what makes a car qualify for the 32e insurance group label. 

How can I find out if my vehicle falls under insurance group 32? 

There are a few ways to find out whether your vehicle falls within cars in insurance group 32. 

These include: 

  • Typing your car’s make and model into a reputable insurance grouping website.  
  • Call your car manufacturer or dealer. 
  • Your V5C logbook may well have information that could be helpful.  

Keep in mind, if your car has a few additional safety features, it could potentially mean it falls into the 32e insurance group.  

For a clearer picture of your insurance needs and costs, it’s advisable to compare as many quotes as possible. At Quotezone.co.uk, we match you with insurers who can meet your needs, comparing over 110 trusted UK insurers so you get personalised prices and coverage on your group 32 insurance

*51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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