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Car Insurance Quotes London – Compare Cheap Policies Online

Whether you live in a central Zone 1 location like Kensington, Pimlico or Southwark, or you’re further out in Zone 5 or Zone 6, if you’re looking for cheaper car insurance in London then Quotezone.co.uk is here to help.

Our unbiased car insurance comparison platform can help Londoners compare quotes from more than 110 car insurance providers side by side, making it easier for you to find the right policy at the right price.

Compare car insurance quotes London

Are car insurance quotes in London more expensive than in other UK cities?

London is the most expensive UK city to live, when it comes to car insurance premiums this also holds true, but it isn’t always the most expensive. In fact, it’s entirely possible to get cheap car insurance in London, you just need to know where to look. Some industry data indicates that the average cost of an equivalent policy in Manchester or Liverpool is often higher than the average cost in London. Still, car insurance in London does consistently rank in the top three when it comes to car insurance costs in England, and by some measures, it does sometimes clinch that top spot. That’s why it is important to compare as many insurance policies as possible in order to make sure you don’t miss out on the best offers on the market.

How much is car insurance in London?

The average cost of car insurance in London is considerably more costly than the rest of the UK. As of 2024, the average London car insurance quote stands at £854.41. This is in contrast to the cheapest region of the UK to insure a car being just £512.03 in South West England. This higher average is due to factors such as congestion, crime rate, and the higher cost of living. Cities typically tend to be more affected by all of these factors due to their large populations and the number of cars in a limited space. Whilst this is true for most cities in the UK, in London the impact is amplified due to the sheer amount of drivers and cars on the road. Due to this you can expect to be paying more on your premiums if you are a London-based driver.

Why does car insurance in London cost so much?

While insurance providers take a wide range of risk factors into account when calculating your premium, including your age, the type of car you drive, where you park your car overnight, how long you’ve held your licence, your driving record and the size of your no claims bonus, risk factors relating to your location also play a role.

For instance, the crime rate in your local area will often be factored into the insurance premium calculation, as well as the average road traffic accident rate in your area.

Given that cities often have higher crime rates than more rural areas, and often have higher accident rates due to congestion as well, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that car insurance in London often costs more than in other parts of the UK. The good news is that getting cheap car insurance in London is not impossible, in fact, you can significantly increase your chances of finding cheap coverage when you run a car insurance comparison.

Does the cost of car insurance in London depend on the zone I’m in?

No, not exactly.

Insurers generally don’t use your London zone as part of their insurance premium calculation, and it’s fair to assume that the roads in most London zones are likely to get very congested at times, particularly during rush hour.

However, whether or not you have off-street parking in London could play a role in your insurance premium calculation, and on average motorists in London’s outer zones are more likely to have a driveway or garage than a driver in London Zone 1. Street parking is a more risky method than off-street parking as it leaves your car more exposed to theft and collisions. For more information on how parking in a secure location can save your

What factors will impact my London car insurance premiums in general?

While London may be a more expensive city to find insurance in general, there are some universal truths when it comes to what influences your premiums.

  • Age – Both road traffic accident data and insurance claims data have demonstrated to insurers that young drivers represent a much higher insurance risk than older drivers. In fact, data from Brake, the road safety charity, has revealed that drivers under the age of 20 are 33% more likely to be killed in a car accident than someone in their 40s or 50s.
  • Your Driving History – Your driving history has two elements – how long you’ve held your full licence, and whether or not you have any points or driving convictions on that licence. Having 6 penalty points can increase your premiums by as much as 25%
  • Your Optional Extras – Most insurance providers offer policyholders a range of optional extras that can be added to their policy, such as breakdown cover, windscreen cover or legal expenses cover. While these extras can prove convenient, and in some cases may be cheaper than taking out separate cover, they will usually increase your insurance premiums a little. Some motorists may also decide to take out a car warranty, which can sometimes be taken out with your existing insurance provider as well although it will usually be a standalone policy rather than a car insurance add-on.
  • Your Occupation – Our unique data reveals that Paramedics, firefighters and police officers rank the best occupations for lower car insurance premiums. Based on our findings, paramedics pay an average of £452 annually for private car insurance closely followed by ambulance crews at £469, firefighters at £492, and police officers at £565. For more information on how emergency service personnel benefit from lower premiums, check out our emergency service car insurance guide.
Should I use a car insurance broker in London to find cheaper quotes?

Car insurance brokers in London may know your local area quite well, but unfortunately that local knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate into cheap London car insurance quotes.

The reason for that is that insurance providers typically use a wide range of data points when calculating their premiums, and while some of those risk factors are geographic in nature (eg your local area’s crime rate and the average number of road traffic accidents in your area), insurers use official data compiled by police forces and governmental departments when assessing those factors so local knowledge plays very little role.

Can Quotezone.co.uk get me cheaper car insurance in London?

While there is certainly no harm in speaking to a car insurance broker in London to find out what type of quotes they’re able to get for you, it would be a wise idea to also use a price comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk. This allows you to compare quotes from other insurance providers not listed with the insurance broker. This increases your chances of finding cheaper car insurance by giving you more options across from across the UK market.

You can then go with whichever one is able to offer you the best car insurance policy at the cheapest price.

Compare Cheap London Car Insurance Quotes

Written by Philip Malcolm Hoey, Editor of Quotezone.co.uk

Reviewed on 1st November 2023 by Philip Malcolm Hoey

*51% of consumers could save £504.25 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from September 2023 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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