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Car Insurance for Group 49

Finding the right insurance for your car can feel overwhelming, especially since there are so many variables that affect car insurance premiums. Ultimately, monthly insurance costs will be different from individual to individual, but there are a couple of guidelines that might help you along the way. 

The Association of British Insurers has set out a standardised list for insurers across the UK. This list categorises every type of car out there to help insurance companies arrive at a fair insurance premium for their clients.
Cars are categorised into one of fifty groups. The lowest groups would be the cheapest cars on the road with the lowest purchase and maintenance costs. The highest groups are where you’ll find the expensive luxury cars.
Cars in group 49 are typically high-performance vehicles. They are luxurious, and likely cost a lot to buy. Owning a Group 49 car probably means you’re going to pay a lot more for car insurance than those with vehicles in lower insurance groups. 

What’s the difference between Group 49 insurance and Group 49e insurance, and does it affect the cost? 

Group 49e insurance and Group 49 insurance are similar but not quite the same. Cars in these groups would have a similar level of performance and luxury. Both are expensive to buy as they are in the top range for car insurance.
The main difference is that cars in insurance group 49e cost a bit more as this group is particularly focused on cars with special features. Typically, the ‘e’ indicates that the vehicle’s security features have ‘exceeded’ the requirements for cars in Group 49.
If the car falls in Group 49e because of its extra security features, insurance costs may be lower. When considering which car to buy, you would do yourself a favour by comparing quotes from as many insurers to get the best price for your car.

How much does Group 49 car insurance cost, on average? 

The cost of Group 49 car insurance is hard to pin down exactly as insurance premiums are not one size fits all. Many factors contribute to the final quote you’ll get from an insurance company, it’s not just about the car.
Your age, driving history and address will have a significant effect on the outcome of your insurance premium. As a starting point, however, a Group 49 car is in one of the most expensive insurance groups, which from the get-go means you’ll be looking at a higher annual premium as compared to cars in lower groups.
If you’re searching for cheaper premiums, visit Quotezone.co.uk to compare Group 49 insurance. Comparing quotes from over a hundred insurance companies could help you find the lowest premium for your unique situation. 

Why is Group 49e insurance so expensive? 

Group 49e insurance is expensive because it is the second-highest group for car insurance. There are fifty insurance groups in all. The lower the group, the lower the risk the car is to insure, and therefore, the lower the insurance premium.
So for starters, the fact that the car is in a high insurance group means it’s going to be costly. 49e Insurance group is for cars that have exceeded the security requirements for Group 49 cars. These cars are typically equipped with advanced technology that ensures high performance and efficiency, but should they ever break, you’ll be paying a lot for repairs. Insurance companies consider these facts when determining your insurance premiums.
You could lower your monthly premium over time by maintaining a clean driving record or by parking your car in a lock-up garage at night. You might also want to consider taking an advanced driving course.
Insurance companies often give discounts to clients who prove that they are low-risk candidates. Insurance companies may have slightly different policies. so make sure to compare insurance Group 49e quotes before signing on the dotted line.   

Do all cars in insurance Group 49 have powerful engines? 

Since cars in insurance Group 49 are by nature, high-performance luxury cars, it is common for these cars to have very powerful engines. However, there could very well be an exception to the rule since insurance groups are not only based on the engine size of a car.
Things like safety features, repair costs and the trim of the car also add to its grouping. In most instances, insurance Group 49 cars are likely to have a powerful engine, which lends itself to more risk. You can expect to pay higher premiums for these cars. 

Are all cars in insurance Group 49 sports cars, or are there any SUVs in this insurance group? 

Insurance Group 49 is not exclusively for sports cars. But having said that, most cars in this group are typically high-performance sports cars. However, there are very nice SUVs that combine the power of a Group 49 engine with the spaciousness of SUVs in lower insurance groups.
For families that can afford the car and the insurance premiums of a Group 49 SUV, these cars are a luxurious option. You get the power, safety features, spaciousness and comfort all in one.
Make sure to shop around for the best insurance quotes. Quotezone.co.uk can compare quotes from over a hundred insurance companies in the UK. You could enjoy driving around in your Group 49 SUV while feeling good about the fact that you have done your research to secure suitable cover for your vehicle.  

How can I get cheaper insurance for a Group 49e car? 

Cars in insurance Group 49e are not cheap to buy. They are mostly high-performance sports cars that pose a great risk to an insurance company should they be stolen, damaged or written off. 

There are ways that you could potentially minimise the insurance costs for these cars. Here are a couple that you could consider: 

  1. Compare quotes – It is good practice to compare as many quotes for your car as possible since different insurance companies might have slightly different policies regarding Group 49 cars. Quotezone.co.uk can make this a quick and easy task. 
  2. Increase safety and security – Group 49 cars typically have very good safety and security features already fitted. If you can find ways to increase the safety of the car even more, you could get a discounted price from the insurer. 
  3. No-claims bonus – Keep a clean driving record year-by-year to lower your insurance premiums. Insurance companies look favourably on individuals with a good driving history. 
  4. Increase voluntary excess – You can choose to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim. This usually lowers the monthly premium. Make sure that it is an amount that you would be able to cover should anything happen, especially since it is a Group 49 car. 
  5. Limit mileage – By limiting your annual mileage you could qualify for a discount. Be sure to ask your insurer about the specific threshold for Group 49 cars. 

*51% of consumers could save £504.25 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from September 2023 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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