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Compare Cocker Spaniel Pet Insurance

Find a quote for cheap cocker spaniel insurance

Cocker spaniels are wonderful pets. They are friendly, affectionate, and highly trainable. The right level of cocker spaniel pet insurance means peace of mind should something happen to your furry friend. More than 3 million customers use our comparison tool to find a range of cheap quotes for cocker spaniel pet insurance in moments. Compare quotes from over 100 providers across the UK with our independent, unbiased service.

If you still have questions, read on to find out the key things to look at when taking out cocker spaniel pet insurance.

How much is pet insurance for a cocker spaniel

As of 2022 you can expect to pay less than £20 per month for a lifetime policy for your Cocker Spaniel.

What is pet insurance?

If your pet is injured, veterinary costs can become be expensive. Pet insurance helps you meet the cost of vet treatment if your pet has an accident or becomes ill. Although pet insurance is not legally required, responsible pet owners generally have it in case something goes wrong.

How much could I save if I compare quotes?

There isn’t an exact amount you can save on your insurance as each pet and policy are different. However, research indicates that the average pet owner could save over £100 per year on pet insurance simply by shopping around and comparing quotes online.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance can cover the cost of veterinarian fees, medical expenses, and medication, depending on the policy you choose. Your cocker spaniel pet insurance policy might cover the cost of expenses if your dog is hit by a car, or goes missing.

Your pet insurance can include third party liability if your dog damages another person’s property. It can also cover overseas travel costs if you go on trips with your dog, kennel fees, and dental treatment. It is usually easy to add extra cover to a pet insurance policy.

What types of pet insurance are there?

There are three main types of pet insurance: lifetime cover, non-lifetime cover, and accident-only pet insurance. If your cocker spaniel is a puppy, it is probably worth considering a lifetime pet insurance policy.

If your pet has a pre-existing health condition or is older, your policy may cost more. This is because the provider will assume that there is a greater risk of medical expenses for your cocker spaniel. This is another reason to compare quotes for cocker spaniel pet insurance.

Why does my cocker spaniel need insurance?

Like many purebred dogs, cocker spaniels can have health problems. They’re prone to skin irritation, which may need treatment. Cockers also commonly suffer from hip dysplasia. Eye and ear problems can increase with age and be distressing for your pet. Any dog can have an accident.

It is your responsibility as a loving owner to ensure you are financially prepared for attending to health problems and caring for your pet. Compare quotes to find a great cover at a competitive price so you and your pet are protected in case of emergencies.