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Compare Labradoodle insurance

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Who doesn’t love a Labradoodle?! They’re fast becoming the nation’s favourite dog. The Labradoodle is a mixed breed, crossed between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. It was first bred over 50 years ago and has steadily made its way into the hearts of the UK public. Smart, energetic, loving and very sociable, this dog has a lot to give to its owners.

Do I need pet insurance for my Labradoodle?

It might seem like an expensive outlay to pay for pet insurance, but ultimately, it is designed to save you money in the long run. Dogs, just like people, get sick or are involved in accidents. They also require good dental care.

Pet care doesn’t come cheap and insurance covers all eventualities. It allows you to be forward thinking, paying a small amount each month. This protects you from the uncertainty of not being able to afford care for your dog when it’s needed.

Is it cheap to insure my Labradoodle?

On average, you will spend about £15.00 to cover your Labradoodle insurance costs. Broken down, that’s about the same as a branded cup of coffee each day for a week.

What does pet insurance cover?

Principally, and most importantly, pet insurance covers your vets’ fees. As with all insurance products, there is a tiered approach. The more that is covered, the greater the premium will be. You can also take out third-party liability cover for your dog. This means you are covered should your dog cause damage to property or other living things.

Insurance for pets can also cover death from illness, cover abroad, retrieval costs, and alternative treatment provision. Not all owners want or need the same level of cover. That’s why we work with you to design a plan that suits your preferences and your budget.

What health problems are Labradoodles prone to?

Your Labradoodle could develop conditions commonly found in both Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. As the breed is susceptible to various medical conditions, pet insurance is a must. These dogs are quite prone to ear conditions and diseases. They are also more likely to be affected by a range of skin conditions.

When do Labradoodles calm down?

Labradoodles love to bound around and burn off their unlimited energy. As with humans, all Labradoodles are different. The majority will settle down around the age of three to four. For others, that love of being constantly active will remain. If you want a happy and settled dog when you are at home, give it the opportunity to get outside and exercise throughout the day.

Are Labradoodles a good choice for people with allergies?

This breed was originally bred as a low-allergen dog. For those of us with allergies to animals, this dog is one of the better options.

Do Labradoodles bark a lot?

Dogs bark like people talk, it’s how your dog is going to communicate with you. Labradoodles sit in the mild-barkers category. This means that whilst they do like to bark when there is a need to, they don’t bark excessively. For you, and your neighbours, this means less disruption from your furry friend.

Are Labradoodle high maintenance?

Your Labradoodle is an intelligent and sociable animal. This makes them loving, friendly, and easy to train. They are classed as moderate in the maintenance levels. One area of maintenance that can be considered high though, is the grooming requirements they incur.

Where can I get insurance for my Labradoodle?

Whilst we consider ourselves an insurance company that offers a broad range of products, we ensure that our agents are specialists. For the customer, this means that you will always get an advisor who can offer you the very best, bespoke service. We have access to a wide portfolio of products, and can guarantee that the quote we source will be the best for you and your pooch. Give us a call or find us online at Quotezone.co.uk.

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