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Compare Older Cat Insurance

Take advantage of affordable pet insurance for older cats. Get quotes online today.

Looking to insure your older cat? Finding affordable cover for older pets isn’t always easy. Many insurers don’t like to offer cover to older animals as they are viewed as an increased risk. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t insure an older feline. At Quotezone.co.uk, we scour the market to find competitive pet insurance for older cats’ quotes to suit you.


Why do I need specialist insurance for older cats?

The main reason you need specialist insurance to cover older cats is because of the likelihood you’ll need to claim. Many older pets already have illnesses that require treatment. Like any type of insurance, providers offer their policies determined by risk. Older cats are considered a high risk, which means many insurers are reluctant to offer cover.


How much is older cat insurance?

The cost of insuring an older cat is typically more expensive than that of insuring a kitten or younger cat. This is because older cats are more prone to developing health conditions and as a result insurers view them as more risky to insure. Since prices vary across providers and deals change, the only way to get an accurate price estimate is by taking out a quote.

For more information of the cost of pet insurance see our following article.


What types of older cat insurance can I take out?

You can get the same level of cover for older cats as you can for younger ones. Your choice of policies includes:

  • Lifetime cover
  • Accident only cover
  • Time limited cover

The most comprehensive policy is lifetime cover. However, you can also take out additional protection such as dental treatment.


Will my quote for older cat insurance be higher than standard insurance?

Yes. Insuring older animals is more expensive due to their higher risk of illness and disease. However, you can save money by comparing prices through Quotezone.


What additional cover can I take out?

You can take out dental cover, alongside insurance for cremations and euthanasia. Each additional policy you take out will add to your premium.


What should I look for in my policy?

When choosing pet insurance for older cats, there are a few factors to look out for. These include:

  • Excess amount
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • What the policy includes

Pay attention to the excess as this determines how much you’ll need to pay before the insurer pays out. If your cat has pre-existing health conditions, you’ll also need to find an insurer who accepts this. Finally, check exactly what the policy includes before you take it out by reading the small print.


Will the type of cat I own affect my quote?

In short, yes. Pet insurers can base their quotes on whether you own a Moggie, or a Pedigree cat for example as the value of the animal will effect your premiums. Some 


How long will I have to accept a quote?

You have up to 30 days to accept a quote through us. You can also request a new quote at any time. To take advantage of one of our offers, click on the one you are interested in. After filling in a few details, your new pet insurance for older cats’ policy will be up and running after an initial waiting period.