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Persian cat insurance

Their luxurious fluffy coats and large flat faces make Persian cats one of the most recognisable cat breeds. Their sweet, calm nature makes them lovely companions for the house. Like any cat, a Persian can develop one of several feline-related health conditions or get injured in an accident. They’re also susceptible to several hereditary conditions, too. If you’re considering adopting a Persian cat, then pet insurance for Persian cats will ensure your feline friend is covered should they become ill or injured, and will help you avoid expensive veterinary bills.

Pet insurance for Persian cats

Persian cats are generally a strong and healthy breed, but like many pedigree cats, they’re vulnerable to certain health-related conditions. Some of the most common health problems experienced by Persian cats include eye conditions, liver disease, mouth and gum disease, heart disease and cystitis. Persian cat insurance helps owners cover their pet’s veterinary care costs, ensuring that their feline-friend won’t miss out on any crucial treatment.

Is it worth having insurance for a cat?

Absolutely! read on below to find out why insuring your Persian cat is the best move to safe guard your pets health and well being.

Is cat insurance more expensive?
Insurance for cats usually works out cheaper compared to dogs as their vet bills and treatments tend to be less costly.
Benefits of Persian cat insurance

Pet insurance enables you to spread the cost of your Persian cat’s care across several months, rather than having to suddenly find a large amount of money in order to pay for their treatment.

You can choose the type of cover you want

Most cat insurance providers offer different insurance plans, from only covering accidents, through to full life cover, so that you can choose the right policy for both you and your cat.

Saves cat owners money on costly vet treatments

If your Persian cat gets injured or becomes ill, then Persian cat insurance helps cover the cost of your cat’s diagnosis and treatment, as well as any vet stays that are required.

Frequently asked questions
What type of insurance is available for Persian cats?

There are four main types of Persian cat insurance:

  • Lifetime cover: The claim limits renew each year and will cover your Persian for any illnesses or accidents throughout the insurance policy.
  • Maximum benefit cover: Covers your Persian cat for illnesses and accidents up to a maximum amount for each condition.
  • Time-limited cover: Your Persian is only covered for illnesses and accidents for a limited time, typically 12 months, and you can only claim once for a particular condition.
  • Accident-only cover: Usually the cheapest type of cat insurance, this type of policy covers your pet if they get injured.
From what age can I insurance my Persian kitten?

Depending on the provider, you can usually take out Persian cat insurance for your kitten when they are eight weeks old.

How will my Persian cat’s treatment costs be paid?

Some insurance providers will pay your cat’s treatment directly, while others require owners pay the vet bill up front and then claim the money back.

Will Persian cat insurance stop when my cat reaches a certain age?

Pet insurance for Persian cats doesn’t end when they get to a certain age. However, it’s worth noting that – with some insurance policies – the ‘death from illness’ section will stop when your cat reaches 11 years old.

Can older Persian cats be insured?

Yes, pet insurance providers will cover older Persian cats. Most providers will treat a cat over eight years old as an older pet and are therefore likely to charge more to cover them.

Could I ever run out of Persian cat insurance cover?

The chance of running out of insurance will depend on the level of cover you have chosen. With time-limited and per condition cover, once you’ve reached the limits of certain conditions, that condition is no longer eligible for further claims. However, the benefit limit is renewed each year with lifetime cover, so with this insurance you’ll never actually run out of cover.

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