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Saint Bernard Insurance

Originally trained as rescue dogs, the Saint Bernard has a long history of being a working dog. They also have a reputation, despite their prolific size, for being loving, gentle and loyal.

Do I really need pet insurance for my Saint Bernard?

Saint Bernards are placed in a category three by The Kennel Club. This means there are health concerns and issues due to the way the dog looks. With this breed, there are issues with eyes, back legs, jaw and dental problems and aggressive forms of cancer.

Bearing this in mind, it is worth spending time deciding whether to invest in low monthly insurance payments, or to pay for any treatments needed up front.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a way of protecting your pet against the high cost of vets bills should they become unwell or involved in an accident. As with most types of insurance, pet insurance is tiered allowing you to opt for the level of cover that suits you and your pet best.

You can also access third-party insurance to cover against liability should your pet cause an accident.

As an extra layer of protection, you can buy cover that insures against the death of your dog, covers financial expenses if you lose it and to fund an alternative treatments you wish to use.

Is a Saint Bernard a good family dog?

Despite being an extremely large dog, your Saint Bernard has a reputation for being extremely gentle. These dogs love to be praised and rewarded so they will respond well to training routines you set up for them.

The Saint Bernard is not a noisy dog, but it does need considerable space. Be mindful of this if you are considering buying one, as flats are perhaps not the best home environment for this dog.

Does a Saint Bernard bark a lot?

Comparatively speaking, the Saint Bernard does not bark a lot. In fact, your Saint Bernard will bark very rarely.

Are Saint Bernards easy to train?

Saint Bernards are very clever. They have a long history as being working dogs and they learn new skills quickly. Your Saint Bernard will need only 15 minutes of training daily to secure the ability to complete new tasks.

Are Saint Bernards aggressive?

Saint Bernards can actually become extremely shy if they are not continuously exposed to human contact and everyday comings and goings.

In the eventuality that they do become more reserved due to lack of contact, they can become aggressive. If you treat your dog with lots of love and affection, this should not be an issue.

Do Saint Bernards love water?

Yes, they do. The majority of Saint Bernards love to spend time in the water.

Where can I get insurance for my Saint Bernard?

Here at Quotezone, we can source the quote that is right for you. We understand that time spent with your pet is preferable to finding insurance to protect it. So, there’s just one quick form to complete and we do the rest. We have access to a wide range of products and insurers, giving us the opportunity to find the cheapest premiums for you. Give us a call or visit us online at Quotezone.co.uk.