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Savannah cat insurance

With its distinctive spots, the Savannah is a beautiful exotic cat breed that closely resembles its wild feline ancestor, the African Serval. Savannah cats are curious and playful, with boundless energy, and often demand a lot of attention from their human family. Savannah cat insurance ensures your feline friend is protected and that their vet bills are covered should they become ill or injured in an accident. Quotezone can help you find the right uk exotic pet insurance today without the hassle.

Savannah cat insurance UK

The Savannah is largely a strong and healthy cat breed with no known hereditary health problems. However, Savannah’s are still vulnerable to the same array of health problems that can affect any cat breed. Savannah cat insurance ensures that if something happens and they need vet treatment, then you have a financial safety net in place to cover their care and treatment costs.

Benefits of Savannah cat insurance
Peace of mind

Savannah cat insurance gives you peace of mind that, should something happen to your Savannah cat, then there’s a pot of money available to pay for their vet treatment. Whether it’s a life-threatening medical condition or just an injured paw, you can give your cat the care and treatment they need as and when they need it.

Vet bills paid directly

Many cat insurance providers will pay your vet bills directly. This means you don’t need to have the money up front to pay your vet and thus saves the hassle of having to claim it back later.

Spread the cost of your cat’s vet treatment

Rather than have to pay for your cat’s vet care in one go, Savannah cat insurance enables you to spread the cost of vet treatment.

Frequently asked questions
Is Savannah cat insurance worth it?

While your cat may be fit and healthy at the moment, if they were to develop a health problem or get injured, then you could soon see your vet bills rise. If your cat is injured or ill in the long-term, would you have the money available to cover their vet treatment?

What are the different types of Savannah cat insurance?

There are several different types of cat insurance, with each offering varying levels of cover:

  • Accident only cover: As the name suggests, your cat is only covered if it becomes injured in an accident.
  • Time-limited cover: Your cat is covered for illnesses and accidents for a limited time, typically 12 months. It’s only possible to claim once per condition.
  • Maximum benefit: Your cat is covered if it becomes ill or injured up to a maximum amount for each issue with no time limit on how long you can claim for.
  • Lifetime cover: Your Savannah cat is covered for all conditions for the duration of the insurance policy, and claim limits are reset each year.
Should I insure my Savannah kitten?

It’s not obligatory for any cat to be insured. However, it can get harder to insure your cat as it gets older or develops a health problem. It’s much easier to get cover for a kitten. It’s also worth remembering that kittens can get ill and injured, too.

Does Savannah cat insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Most cat insurance providers don’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, it’s no longer a pre-existing condition if:

  • Your cat is fully recovered and not susceptible to further problems in the future, or any underlying weakness since it was treated.
  • Your cat has not received treatment for the condition for at least two years.
  • Your cat has not had any symptoms or had to see the vet relating to the condition within the past two years.
Can I still apply for Savannah cat insurance if my cat has a pre-existing condition?

Yes, you can still take out insurance for your cat if they have a pre-existing condition. However, the insurance won’t cover that condition. That means if your cat has any health issues relating to that condition, then you’ll not be able to claim insurance cover for it.

If you are looking for Savannah cat insurance, then Quotezone is here to help. Just complete our online quote form, and we’ll search and compare policies to help you find the right policy for your cat.