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Siberian cat insurance

If you want an attentive, playful and affectionate cat, you won’t go far wrong with a Siberian cat, the national cat of Russia. Their thick, fluffy coats make them a delight to stroke, and their easy-going nature makes them fit in well with most families and pets. While the Siberian breed is generally healthy, they can still get sick, just like any pet. To help keep your Siberian cat fit and healthy and to ensure they are protected in the event of an emergency, you should consider Siberian cat insurance.

Pet insurance for Siberian cats

While there’s no reason your Siberian cat won’t live a long and happy life, as a pure breed, they are more likely to suffer from hereditary health problems than mixed breed cats. Vet bills can quickly mount up, whether it’s for a stitched paw or something more serious. Pet insurance for Siberian cats provides a financial safety net to fall back in if your cat falls in. You can still cover their care and treatment costs without putting extra pressure on your finances or having to compromise on their care.

Choose the type of cover that suits you

Thanks to the different types of cat insurance available, you can choose a plan that suits you, your cat and your budget.

Insure more than one pet on the same policy

Some insurers will let you put all your pets on the same policy and give you a multi-pet discount.

Valuable extras

Alongside covering your cat if they get sick or injured, Siberian cat insurance can also offer valuable extras. For example:

  • Cattery fees
  • Lump-sum if your cat dies from illness or accidental injury
  • Cost of advertising and offering a reward if your cat goes missing
  • Holiday cancellation if you have to cancel your holiday because your Siberian cat is seriously ill
Frequently asked questions
Best insurance for cats?

This depends on what you would like to cover. There are many options available such as accident-only, instant-cover and pre-existing conditions cover. The best option is compare multiple quotes to find the right cover for you.

Is it worth getting Siberian cat insurance?

Vet bills can potentially run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds, depending on the treatment. Without insurance, it is up to you alone to cover the cost of your cat’s treatment, which could mean you have to dip into your savings. Pet insurance enables you to spread the cost of veterinary care across monthly or annual payments. Not only is this flexibility helpful, your Siberian cat insurance policy gives peace of mind.

Does pet insurance for Siberian cats cover my indoor cat if they escape?

Most cat insurance providers cover vet fees for outdoor and indoor cats. Some policies also offer an additional benefit if your cat is lost or sadly dies.

How are the vet bills paid?

Some pet insurers will pay the vet directly after treatment, so you don’t need to pay your vet any upfront fees. Meanwhile, others will require you to pay the vet and then reimburse you directly into your bank account once you’ve put in a claim.

Can I take my Siberian cat to any vet of my choice for treatment?

In most cases, there are no restrictions as to which vet you choose to treat your cat, and many vet practices have experience working with pet insurance companies.

How can I reduce the cost of Siberian cat insurance?

You can reduce the cost of your cat insurance by:

  • Paying a higher excess on your claims
  • Ensure your Siberian cat has a nutritious diet, gets enough exercise, and you are keeping on top of their vet check-ups and vaccinations
  • It’s usually cheaper to pay for your cat insurance upfront as some insurance providers charge monthly interest
  • If you have more than one pet, insuring them with the same provider could give you a discount of up to 10%

Make sure your feline friend is protected with pet insurance for Siberian cats. Quotezone can help you find the right deal. Just fill out our online quote form, and we’ll start searching and comparing deals from the UK’s top pet insurance providers.